Two years came and went without a new Rita Pam album, but the long hiatus has come to an end. In July, singer-songwriter and producer, Rita, hopped on Instagram to share the artwork for her new album ‘Journey’ she’s been working on. That might be welcome news for her fans. Her fanbase, collectively called “Ritalettes” has waited seven long years since 2014’s ‘Anna’.

Journey will be the singer-songwriter’s first album in seven years.

Although Rita’s label, Arzzarine Records, withheld a release date, there are still a lot of clues to work with. We’ve put together everything we think we know about Rita Pam’s third studio album.

Said to be a mostly electronic / electronic pop album, Rita is rumoured to be experimenting with different styles this time around. She’s also been holed up in the studio recently according to various sources, and others speculate she might not have begun recording yet, what with the coronavirus pandemic causing major cancellations throughout the music industry.  The tracklist for ‘Journey’ was revealed by Arzzarine Records, Rita’s album is a 15-track bundle of goodness.

The Journey cover, which was designed by Rita Pam herself, depicts a yellow bull flying over the title of the album and Rita’s name. In the background is space. There are also talks of collaborations but no names have been dropped yet. Rita has not been entirely sitting on her bum as new sources say she’s getting healthier and quit Coca-Cola for good on the 3rd of November, it’s believed she made this decision in honour of her late cat, Princess.

Rita Pam also quietly quit Facebook about four years ago, maybe even further than that. Her page was deleted unannounced. At first, fans believed she had some big project coming but months turned to years and her page remains gone. And then in 2019, her label, Arzzarine Records, pulled her entire catalogue from the music streaming site, Spotify. This heightened previous speculation of a rift between the singer and these sites.

New information hitting the airwaves alleges that Rita’s label, Arzzarine Records, had a problem with Spotify, a problem, according to the source, that remains unsolved. In response, Rita’s songs are no longer available on the music streaming platform. As for Facebook, it’s alleged that Rita got fed up with Facebook at some point because they weren’t doing anything about users posting her intellectual property, despite repeated attempts to report the infringing material.

But Rita is not alone, politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she gave up Facebook. In her words: “I personally gave up Facebook, which was kind of a big deal because I started my campaign on Facebook and Facebook was my primary digital organizing tool for a very long time,” Ocasio-Cortez said on a podcast. “I gave up on it. We still sort of have accounts on it.”

Rita is however active on Instagram. You can follow her there to see the her uplifting posts. She posts photos of her pets regularly and even takes time in between to throw playful shade at her sister.



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