Getting a bedroom with a modern and personal style is not difficult. In fact, today the concept of “modern style” in a bedroom encompasses a wide range of styles: from the purest minimalism to the zen or Scandinavian decor.

In fact, modern rooms are characterized by being simple and clean. Furniture with straight lines, little ornate, and contrasting colors is used. Comfort and practicality take priority over ornamentation – less is more. And the lights play a starring role in the display of our room. Furthermore, in modern rooms, the bed has become the focus of our attention.

The society we live in is gray, busy, and consumerist, so we tend more and more to yearn for open spaces, related to nature and we tend to seek personal comfort. That is why whatever style you want to achieve in your room, we tend in general to turn our houses into small minimalist oases.

In this article, we will explain how to get your little oasis of comfort by taking a look at all the different styles you may want. We will start by reeling off the most minimalist bedroom and we will get closer and closer to a classic style.


Minimalism is a movement that emerged in the sixties as an antagonistic response to the growing late capitalism and to the consumer societies that already ruled the first world cities.

For this reason, minimalism has become an artistic and cultural movement and a lifestyle that is committed to the conscious reduction of our consumption. It does not refer to reducing leisure or our small daily pleasures, but to reducing the entropy that surrounds us and that is constantly trying to capture our interest. That way, we can keep our full attention on what we really do enjoy.

That is why more and more our homes tend organically towards minimalism. At least in most urban areas, because it is considered a very contemporary style.

Minimalist Homes

The minimalist decoration is characterized by the use of simple and clean lines – straight lines are used to achieve elegance. The maximum natural light is also sought and that is why they try to make open and wide spaces with empty walls. In addition, in the purest minimalism they try to find the perfect symmetries to give that pleasant effect to our eyes. Nyfurnitureoutlets is an online store that provides a wide choice of furniture with a sleek modern minimalist design.

The minimalist idea par excellence is not to reduce to the maximum, but that everything in a room must have a function. If something doesn’t have it, it doesn’t need to be there.

But you can also have decoration in a minimalist home: minimalism is not necessarily austere, only elegant. You can use only a very specific range of colors and play with the tones in the different spaces of the room. Use fabrics (sheets, cushions, rugs, curtains) to add color to your space.

A minimalist bedroom stands out for having simple ceiling lights, or a simple pendant lamp. The wardrobes usually occupy the entire wall and usually are used built-in wardrobes that are more unnoticed, as if they were part of the wall.

A useful way to decorate in any minimalist style is to use mirrors wisely. Putting closets with mirrored sliding doors will give your entire room a light and spacious feeling of what it really is.

Minimalist Modern Style

The purest modern-style bedrooms tend towards the minimalist, only they opt for dark colors. They usually have black walls, furniture, and fabrics combined with a characteristic touch of color: be it red, white, gray, or brown.


The furniture is usually very similar to that of the minimalist style, but in dark colors: large furniture, occupying the entire wall, and occasional pops of color.

Industrial Decoration

The industrial style is also one of the most used styles in decoration in recent years. It mixes the simplicity and functionality of the minimalist style with the warmth and beauty of more classic or rustic ones.

Homes with concrete or brick walls, or lofts, are the perfect setting for this type of decoration. The industrial style was born from seeking to imitate the typical architecture of the industrial warehouses of New York in the fifties. And its goal is to achieve a unique visual appeal using metals and wood as the main elements.

Iron or heavy steel furniture is the most common in this type of decoration: the bed frame with fine black lines, a decorative chair in one corner, standing lamps and nightstands finished in copper. Black, copper or gray colors are usually used (colors usually related to metal) and are combined with warmer colors such as wood browns, beige, ivory or pearl.

The warmer color scheme gives the room a unique homey feeling, just as the open-concept spaces bring light to the room.

In addition, industrial decor is often accompanied by large, black, and white paintings that key elements of the room. If we are talking about the bedroom, a large painting centered on the bed will be perfect. In the living room, it is usually placed behind the sofa.

Modern Style Combined With Wood Scandinavian Decor

The scandinavian style of decoration is characterized by the combination of wooden furniture on white backgrounds window film. They are usually white walls and wooden floors painted in light colors. Furniture is usually made of natural wood and may have some dark details to stand out.

In Scandinavian decoration, craftsmanship prevails, therefore it does not focus as much on symmetry as minimalism does. It usually has various decorations around the room: on the bedside table, on the wooden headboard, or on the dresser.

Scandinavian décor goes beyond manufactured art but also features pictures hung on the wall in a more irregular way. They are usually framed with wood similar to that of furniture.

Japanese Decoration: Zen Style

Japanese decoration also opts for minimalism and zen, but this one focuses more on nature. Oriental-style rooms are usually made of natural materials, with wooden furniture (and wooden floors). In addition, they often use a lot of plant decoration for ornament.

Using natural wood in dark colors adds warmth to a room. And if it can be accompanied by a fireplace, you will have the ideal room.

In the design of a zen-style room, there are usually two options: tend towards light browns and green to achieve a greater connection with nature, or tend towards dark browns and oranges or reddish to achieve greater warmth.

Back to The Past

In contrast to the more extreme minimalism, lately, a more chaotic, bohemian and vintage style has also become fashionable. It seeks to return to the beauty of the past and create spaces where comfort and warmth are the number one priority.

In the most retro or vintage rooms, the ornate decoration of paintings, souvenirs and photos on the walls usually predominate. They are usually linked hand in hand with a pendant or neon lighting. In addition, many blankets and cushions are often used as part of the decoration: bright colors, patterns and soft fabrics such as velvet stand out a lot in this class of bedrooms.

This style is usually much more linked to the chaos of youth, to living life and enjoying the moment. That is why there are many prints, decorative plants and everything has an asymmetrical sense completely opposite to the extreme minimalism at the beginning of the article.

In addition, this style fits a lot with small bedrooms that manage to fill with personality. Low chest drawers are a key element in which to put decoration on top. And it is also common to find vanities that can be used as a desk at the same time. This is probably a style that exudes youthful energy all over the place.



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