While home appliances and systems are designed to offer years of worry-free service, they sometimes break down unexpectedly. If an essential system fails, a home warranty may help an owner save thousands of dollars without sacrificing the quality of repairs.

Most of these plans are based on a yearly subscription model, covering the cost of maintaining and repairing dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, HVAC systems, and much more. Here, we’ll answer the most common questions about a home warranty plan and cover its benefits.

Providing Reassurance

For many people, the cost of replacing or repairing a major appliance or system is unaffordable. With a warranty, however, providers cover these expenses after the service fee is paid. The peace of mind that comes with a warranty plan is worth the price.

Access to the Experts

Choosing a service provider isn’t always easy, especially for new homeowners and those lacking repair knowledge. Every contractor within our network is licensed and insured, which protects homeowners from legal liability if things go wrong. 2-10 works with a network of vetted providers, which ensures that customers get the repairs they need, when they are needed.

Guaranteed Quality

Reliability and quality are top priorities where home repairs are concerned. When homeowners arrange repairs through warranty providers, labor and workmanship are covered for a certain period. If the appliance or system fails within that timeframe, just call and we’ll take care of it.

Creating a Strong Selling Point

If a home is going up for sale, a warranty may seem compelling to buyers with concerns about the appliances and systems within. Most providers, including 2-10, allow owners to transfer their warranties after a sale. Call today to learn about warranty transfers and special coverage for homebuyers and sellers.

Protecting Landlords

For those planning to rent out a home, a warranty plan may be the edge they need in a competitive rental market. When landlords invest in home warranties, they show potential tenants that they’re serious about protecting the property’s appliances and systems.

Supplementing a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

While many assume that homeowner’s insurance and warranties offer similar protection, the two are very different. A warranty covers the repair and maintenance of household systems and appliances, while homeowner’s insurance covers damage to the structure itself. Most mortgage lenders require home insurance, but warranties are optional. When combined with an insurance policy, a home warranty offers robust, reliable coverage.

Transparent Pricing

When customers buy 2-10 warranty plans, they pay the premium upfront or by the month, and they also pay a service fee with every claim they make. They go into the plan knowing what to expect—which is great when money is tight.

Exclusive Perks

In some cases, home warranty buyers can get discounts on other services that aren’t covered. Many providers offer incentives, such as gift cards, to reward customers who refer others. While it’s important not to make purchase decisions based solely on these perks, they’re a worthy consideration.

Learn More

Whether it’s out of a need for financial security or greater peace of mind, there are many reasons to buy a home warranty. When homeowners understand exactly what they’re getting, it’s easy to avoid hidden fees and other costly surprises. Call or click today to learn more about 2-10’s home warranty plans.



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