The NBA is one the biggest sporting leagues in the USA and followed by die hard basketball fans worldwide. With 30 teams competing from the Western and Eastern Conference, all sweat it out in this sporting extravaganza. There have been many debates over the decades about which is the best NBA team, and after much consideration, people tend to mostly state that it is the mighty LA Lakers.

Let’s have a look below why the Lakers are the best team in NBA –

Players’ Conformity

If we closely notice, the Lakers has changed quite little about their team. All of the major pieces still seem to remain with the team. They remained the same even in an ever-changing league. They have won back-to-back championships together, making it to 17 and undoubtedly look ready to compete for the 18th championship, each season they play.

Their Very Humility

When the Lakers step on the court, there is no obvious indication that this is a team that has won 17 titles. There’s no swag, no overconfidence. They want you to believe they’re just your average basketball team. Maybe humble isn’t the right word, because they certainly know of their accomplishments. But their ability to stay grounded despite having a target on their back is incredible and maintaining that legacy all these years, is what makes them unique.

The Dynamic Duo

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been nothing short of amazing for the Lakers. From each other’s greatness, the duo tends to draw energy and effort. The Lakers lead the league in field-goal percentage as well as blocks as they have a couple of elite two-way players on the court. While the other stops to take a breath, the other one possesses the talent and basketball IQ to keep the scoreboard ticking throughout the 48 minutes, and that’s how they compliment each other. Thus, adding up for the greater good of the whole team with their crazy superb skills.

The Crew

By distributing the load across the roster, Coach Frank Vogel has done a great job and that the  players have also embraced their roles to perfection. Along with the brilliance of the Lakers’ and their utmost professionalism and sincerity on a nightly basis, they have a team one can only dream of. Players like Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee have brought in veteran stability to the team’s secondary production unit, working at par with the relatively less experienced Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso, and Quinn Cook to build a healthy ambience in the locker room. Moreover, Troy Daniels has done an incredible job to reflect just how the bench lineup should contribute. Headlined by Dwight Howard’s resurgence, the Lakers bench has been an ideal group a franchise could ask.

Kobe Bryant

Although he is no longer with us, the legacy Bryant has left behind is the very essence for the Lakers. Bryant has led the Lakers no matter the pieces around him. He has been a member of five championship teams, and that’s no coincidence. It’s because Bryant is arguably the NBA’s best player and also the best clutch shooter ever in the league. The Lakers are going to play the NBA’s other good teams to the wire, and they will do so by keeping Bryant in their thoughts for every game they play ever.



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