Numerous calculations confirm that regular facade washing (Fassadenreinigung) and other big cities can save a lot of money on repairs – it is much cheaper to wash the facade than to repaint it. This is especially true of buildings located along major highways. It is necessary to clean the fronts of such buildings much more often, and then their appearance becomes more attractive.

Professionals often perform facade washing in the offices of large companies, business centers, hotels, and restaurants. It is now common practice for climbers to wash the façade before selling or renting the building.

The choice of industrial climbers for facade washing is also quite noticeable. Professional high-risers of the cleaning company SuperHause in a short time and absolutely safely will rise even in hard-to-reach places, using methods of rope access.

Washing of Facades by Climbers

There are several ways to perform the facade washing. The choice of technology by which the facade will be washed depends on the building’s cladding material and design features.

If the surface area is not large, such a facade can be washed in the same way as ordinary windows, i.e. with a wash gourd and microfiber. However, when you need to make facade washing of a large area, we use the continuous water supply method. Its essence is that each industrial climber has an individual hose with running water, and the solutions for cleaning the facade is applied from a spray.

In most cases, the facade washing in Chemnitz (Fassadenreinigung in Chemnitz) by climbers is carried out with low-alkaline compounds, which are safe for all types of facade cladding.

Brick, plastered, or lined facades with unpolished natural stone are washed with a high-pressure apparatus. Usually, the device itself is installed on the roof of the house, and SuperHause climbers do the facade washing by using long high-pressure hoses.

In rare cases, when there are no hoses of the required length, industrial climbers hang the high-pressure apparatus on a separate rope and thus perform the facade’s washing. Contrary to popular belief, water consumption while washing the front with a high-pressure device is much less than washing with a garden hose.

How Much Does it Cost to Book Facade Washing in Chemnitz?

The price for facade washing is formed of two components – the cost of industrial climbers’ services and the cost of chemicals for cleaning the facade. Facade cleaner is selected based on the wall material’s characteristics (smooth, porous, etc.), the nature and intensity of contamination and some other factors. In turn, industrial climbers’ services are evaluated based on the costs required to perform work on washing a particular facade.

For example, quite often, there is a need to apply detergent not once but several times or process the surface by abrasive brushes manually that inevitably increases the cost of washing a facade. That is why you should contact us for all the information you need about facade washing.



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