Looking for wonderful presents for those you care about? Check out gifts on valentine’s day on, which can bring your partner happiness. What a brilliant concept! Every lavish gift has been gathered there so that everyone may be given high-quality gifts that will envelop them in absolute comfort. But why should you restrict your gift-giving urge to holidays only? There is hardly a single person who wouldn’t appreciate these gift options and would mind if their lover gave them something from the Sleeper stock.

After all, each of us deserves a present from time to time, especially one as fashionable as Sleeper can provide. Have you ever been in a scenario where you didn’t know what to get the lady you’re in love with? For this year, say goodbye to these issues because Sleeper is presenting clothes gift options for Valentine’s day such as:

  • Unisex pajamas.
  • Linen pajamas.
  • Shearlings for men & women.

Valentine’s Day: Origins

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14 in many countries of the world: for more than five hundred years, millions of people have confessed their love to each other on this day. 

One version of the origin of Valentine’s Day says that it was transformed from the Roman Lupercalia, dedicated to fertility, and named after the patron of the flocks, the god Faun. It was celebrated every year on February 15th.

The most romantic story about Saint Valentine is connected with the prohibition of the powerful Roman emperor Claudius II to marry: he believed that men who were not burdened with a family would fight with great zeal on the battlefield.

Saint Valentine was a priest and, according to some sources, a doctor. Out of pity for the unfortunate lovers, he secretly married them (and also reconciled those who quarreled and helped those who were not eloquent to write love letters).

When the emperor found out about his activities, the priest was put in prison and sentenced to death. There, Valentine met the beautiful daughter of a prison guard, who fell in love with him. Some legends contain information that, due to the vow of celibacy, the priest could not respond to her feelings, but on the eve of the execution he wrote a love letter to the girl, signing “Your Valentine”.

Sleeper’s Pajamas: A Timeless Idea

Sleeper is a well-known brand name that you may be acquainted with. Their clothes (And the gifts on valentine’s day as well) are well-known all over the world, from Ukraine, France, and Italy to the United States and Australia. Their collections are available at the most well-known fashion galleries and websites, including Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi, Saks Fifth Avenue, Galeries Lafayette, and others.

And, other than its enormous popularity, what distinguishes this label from others? 

The greatest and most notable difference is the Sleeper’s clothing lines’ unrivaled adaptability. Yes, they are famous for the Sleeper pajamas that everyone speaks about but don’t forget about other items.

In addition to being a loungewear choice, other Sleeper gift ideas may be worn as sophisticated party outfits or as a typical day-to-day clothing combo (especially when put together with your regular wardrobe pieces). Are you intrigued? Continue reading to learn more about the various Sleeper collections!

Know What You’re Wearing, Sleeper

Sleeper is a Ukrainian fashion label founded in 2014 by Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva, two young entrepreneurs. The label’s concept emerged on Christmas Eve as two friends were rewatching the all-time favorite “Curly Sue.” And so their journey to the creation of the universal clothing that could be worn both at home and on a night out began. With such a wonderful backstory, it’s no surprise that their apparel collections make excellent holiday gifts.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine now, but a company with such a wide range of apparel started with simply a 24-piece line of black and white pajamas. As for the textiles, they also altered the direction of their brand. Sleeper began by utilizing just silk and linen in their manufacture, but they have now grown to include viscose and other eco-friendly materials, as they are seen as a more sustainable choice. Because each item is made by hand, they utilize only high-quality materials with excellent breathability and moisture absorption. This ensures future Sleeper customers’ comfort.


Since the release of its first collection, Sleeper has come a long way as a brand. However, their core ideals or ethical paths are still the same. The label began with the idea of self-love, happiness, and, of course, sustainability, and they still adhere to these ideas. Today you can also feel the love of the brand to its clients, which is visible in every product, be it a pair of Lavender slippers or, for example, a fancy linen wedding dress.

Unisex: Equality in Contemporary Fashion

Looking at all of these attractive clothing pieces, you might question if men can be as stylish. And Sleeper is sure, they can! This company supports equality, which is why they offer unisex pajamas to the customers.

Not only can men wear stylish and comfortable clothes, but they should do it as well. And with these exquisite linen multi-color pajama sets that would look great on your boyfriend (as well as on you), Sleeper overturned the image of luxury nightwear as being just for women’s enjoyment. Furthermore, the designers have added a twist to this collection by including two bottom alternatives – pants and shorts. So, if you want to surprise a man of your life, Sleeper has your back. 

Furthermore, these sets, which come in a variety of hues ranging from white and cream to lavender and navy, will make an excellent complement to your boyfriend’s summer outfit. And because the line is unisex, women may incorporate these items into their looks to match their partners!


Every new collection from the Sleeper brand is surprising and all the clothes seem very unique to the world of fashion. You can choose different items and combine them with your casual clothes and look great! And on Valentine’s day Sleeper clothes will be a great present for your beloved partner, so don’t miss a chance to bring him or her happiness this year!



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