The exam candidates lead to successful implementations, and they focus on how the broader businesses are addressed by the solutions and the organization’s technical needs. The candidate must have good functional and technical knowledge of third-party technology, knowledge related to Microsoft cloud solutions, Microsoft power platform, etc. Throughout the engagement, the architect’s knowledge is applicable, and experience is essential. The proactive and preventive work for the increment of the customer’s investment value and promoting the health of the organization is performed by the solution architect.

The ability to identify the opportunity to solve business problems is required in the candidate. The solution architects should facilitate design decisions across the integration, infrastructure, security, availability, storage and configuration, development, etc. While the requirements of the functional or non-functional meeting, this role is very important to balance the needs of the business project.

PL 600 Exam Certification Courses/Topics:

There are three important skills you need to practice to qualify for PL 600 exam certification:

  • Perform Solution Envisioning & Requirements Analyses (35-40%).
  • Architect A Solution (40-45%).
  • Implement the Solution (15-20%).

Implement the Solution:

This task validates the solution design by evaluating and implementing the detailed designs. Security’s validation and confirmation that the solutions conform to the limits of API. Resolve the conflicts like integration and automation. Issues of potential and actual performance are then identified and resolved, and data migration is then troubleshot and the resolving of the problems that are identified with deployment plans.

Architect a Solution:

Process of designing is lead includes the design of apps those are existing customization, prototypes of user experiences, the opportunities to reuse the components, topology of the solution, processes of ALM, the strategy of the migration of data, a strategy of visualization of data and the strategy for automation that use power Automate.

Data model designing includes the designing of columns & tables, configuration data and the references, relationships, and behavior, and addressing the complex sets of requirements the data model designs. At last, the determination of whether to connect external data rather than the import data.

The integration design, the design of integration collaborations, and the integration between the Dynamic 365 and Microsoft power platform. Designing of third-party integration and authentication strategy. Then identify the integration opportunity and design the strategy for the continuity of the business.

In Designing the security model, the design of roles of security, security column, to address the complex sets of requirements of the security model and determine the policies and processes of the security model management. The data loss prevention DLP policies that are for the solutions are identified. And the determination of how the external users access the solution.

Perform Solution Envisioning Requirement Analysis:

Solution planning initiates by evaluating the requirements of the business by identifying the components of the Microsoft Power platform solution and other existing components like apps, components of the third party, and ISV independent software vendor. Migration efforts are estimated and identified. Information and metrics of organizations are identified, including identifying the desired high-level processes of business of organization and opportunities of the business process automation. Risk factors of the organizations should be accessed, and the criteria for the key success should be reviewed.

Systems and existing solutions are identified by evaluating the architecture of the enterprise of the organization. For solution identification of data sources, those are needed. The organization’s business process is then identified and documented, and for existing data, define the quality standards. Requirements are captured in this task: high-level refining requirements. Identify functional and non-functional requirements and confirm the requirements that organizational goals meet.

For performing fit/gap analysis, the feasibility of meeting the specific requirements and evaluation of the AppSource options and Dynamic 365 apps to solve the requirements. Using the alternate solution, the functional gaps are addressed, and the scope for the solution is determined.

Five Useful Study Resources For The PL 600 Exam Certification:

The method to accomplish the PL 600 exam certification is somewhat different we used to follow for other certifications. This is because some exams require a different approach. So here I will share the five most useful study resources you can follow to prepare for PL 600 exam certifications:

Instructor-Led Training Courses: 

This is important to have human communication because, unlike the self-paced courses, the training administration by the human is an important factor for this course preparation. This is primarily based on facts that candidates can get professional advice and appropriate rewards of skills and expertise.


Study Guide: 

The study guide is also an important resource to pass Pl 600 certification. It includes the exam topic’s details and provides you with appropriate study materials.  The advantage of using these study guides is that you can always read them whenever you need to read.

Self-Paced Labs: 

Hands-on experience is also important, along with watching, listening, and reading. This is because such exam certification needs much more than theory, so you have to set your practice according to your topics.

Online Videos: 

This is also important because you can learn from videos, and they can clear most of the doubts and confusion. If you want easy learning, then self-study with the help of appropriate videos is something you can adopt to make your preparations at the best level.

Microsoft PL 600 Practice Tests: 

These practice exams are designed to provide you with an experience of actual exams. With the help of these practice tests, you can easily examine your preparations status, and you can grip your preparations according to your practice tests results.

All of these study sources are important to qualify for PL 600 exam certification; you can follow any online websites and can join online courses to make better preparations; websites like Microsoft, the website, and others contain different study content, such as exam dumps, pdf files, practice tests, online lectures and other study materials that can help you to build strong preparation.


Microsoft Power platform certifications can provide you with a sustainable path to becoming a certified Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect. You can upgrade your professional career in the software advancement market.



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