‘I Love You to The Moon and Back’ is a phrase used to express the vastness of a person’s affection for another. This beautiful phrase emerged from the bestselling book by McBratney: Guess How Much I Love You. This phrase is used widely while expressing one’s feelings towards his/her partner, close friends, and family.

To get this phrase in action, people started using it in jewelry. This ended up introducing to the moon and back nano jewelry, including custom name necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc. Among them, the most preferred and widely used jewelry was a beautiful and meaningful necklace.

About the I Love You to The Moon and Back Necklace

This necklace combines a metal-plated (silver or gold) crescent moon disc with a deep message engraved in it delicately. The crescent moon pendant hangs on a chain made out of either gold or silver. This necklace is suitable for causals as well as party wears. Eventually, it is the best gift you can present to your loved ones to spread love and positivity.

Still confused with whether to gift this necklace to your loved one or not. Here are five reasons why you should gift I Love you to the moon and back necklace:

#1- Keeps a Deep Meaning to Make the Recipient Feel Special

As mentioned earlier, this necklace keeps a profound meaning for the recipient. This gift is perfect for expressing your love for a family member, friend, or spouse. Instead of choosing an expensive necklace that focuses only on its looks, you can present the gift I Love you to the moon and back necklace and make the recipient feel special.

#2- Its Unique Design makes it Special than Other Necklaces

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful jewelry piece as a gift for someone special? Well, your search ends here. You can undoubtedly choose the moon and back necklace. The crescent moon looks alluring with a gold or silver chain, accordingly. Moreover, you can also add other gems or materials to the core as per your preference. The person receiving this necklace as a gift will surely adore its beautiful design.

#3- Wide Range of Varieties Available to Release Stress of Choosing the Perfect Gift

While purchasing the moon and back necklace, you get a lot of varieties to choose from. It includes the chain material, either gold (yellow or rose gold) or silver. In addition to this, you can also select the material used to make the crescent moon accordingly. Eventually, it releases stress as you won’t have to be stuck on a single piece to choose.

#4- Alluring Looks and Shine

One can’t deny the enhancement in the attire of a person after wearing this neck ornament. Most of the jewelry pieces spend most of their time in showcases or cupboards. However, this neck ornament doesn’t belong to that category. It is a versatile jewelry piece that suits casuals and party wears perfectly.

#5- A Perfect Gift One Can’t Resist

Everyone intends to make the recipient happy with their gifts; However, sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. It might be because your gift is not matching the person’s preference or expectations. To ensure the acceptance of your gift, you need to gift something one can’t resist. The moon and back necklace is one such gift. Its features, like design, meaning, and quality, make it irresistible.

Last Words

One must avoid being materialistic every time and present a meaningful gift to their loved ones. Apart from being a perfect gift, these gifts also make your bond stronger.

That’s all we’ve got with five reasons to gift the love you to the moon and back necklace.



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