Parenting is not straightforward. No matter how many books you read, you will never be prepared for it until you become a parent. Kids are different at different age groups.

You have different kinds of responsibilities with newly born, which keep changing with every three years of age period. One weird age is of preteens.

You see little kids asking very uncomfortable questions and doing some unpredicted things. It is particularly difficult for parents if it’s their first kid of this age. Here are some tips that could help you manage them better as a parent.

Set the House for Their Age

Know the things they need and set your house accordingly. Depending on the size of your house, you will most probably have two or more kids share a room.

Try to use different color paint on different walls according to the age of the kids. The goal is to make the house as attractive and comfortable for them as possible. These little things are really appreciated by them. Among many other things, you will need some good beds for them. You can get bunk beds for sale in Australia at your doorstep.

They Start to Become Independent

This the age where kids start to find their freedom. They start to do things on their own and won’t be as dependent on you as before. In fact, they might not like it if you get too involved in them.

You have to know the right amount of involvement according to their personality so they don’t feel abandoned or violated. It’s also very common for parents to feel sad or challenged when they are no longer as much needed as before. Don’t try to control them. They will make mistakes, but let them. All this is a part of learning.

Don’t Lose Your Authority

While you should give them their space, you should not let them roam free and do as they desire. It’s important that they listen to you and follow what you say. Try to become their friends and get them to do the right on their own without using force.

You should not have to threaten them that they will be grounded to get them to do things. Build authority that they will do what you say without repeating it.

Watch They Watch on the Internet

It’s the age where they explore everything. They will get impressed with things very fast and could get hooked on them. The content they watch on the television and the internet plays an important role in that.

Set limitations in their access to the internet. You should know what they are watching and who they are talking to.

You Will Have to Discuss

This is the time when they will hit puberty and see changes happening to their body and personality. They are starting to transition from childhood to adulthood.

You should have an appropriate talk with them about puberty, sex, and drugs. It will be uncomfortable but it’s important.



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