The process of digitization gave birth to the new directions of marketing and promotions of goods and services. Influencer Marketing is also a new kind of digital marketing which is relatively new compared to more traditional ways of marketing. More and more people find it attractive to work as an influencer on different social media platforms.

However, the fact that being an influencer is a brand new way of career path compared to other marketing-related jobs, creates an informational vacuum for the people who want to develop themselves in this field. They find it challenging to start, mostly because there is not a specific guide that they can follow to become a successful social media influencer. In this article, you can find some tips that will assist you on how to start your journey of becoming a social media influencer.

Find the Main Topic for Your Account

For starters, find the main topic that you are going to create content about. This is one of the first steps that you need to do at the beginning of becoming an influencer.  Choosing your niche is not an easy task; it should be the topic of your interest, something that you are so passionate about that you can create interesting content around it continually. Try to choose a subject that is already part of your daily life.

The perfect example of that could be a fitness-related or food-related profile: if you are interested in these topics, chances are it is also part of your daily life. So for you, it will be easier to create content around it and not get lost in the process of coming up with new ideas. Shortly, you should find your calling.

Organize Your Platform

Once you find your calling, you need to organize your profile properly. Your feed speaks a lot about you since it is what your followers see first. Therefore make it welcoming to gain as many followers as possible. Remember that the number of your followers is important. Working with the social media marketplace such as SocialWick will help you accelerate your social media growth. In addition to that, if you want your profile to look neat and well-organized there are other things that you need to take care of:

Change Your Account into a Business Account

Once you decide that being an influencer is what you want you can change your Instagram account into a business account. This way you can categorize your profile into a specific topic; Plus, you will gain access to the insights for your profile.

Represent Yourself in the Bio Section

Organize your bio section. Your bio should fully represent the concept of your profile. Try to express your character into keywords and in your style. Remember that bio is the first thing that the visitors of your profile read about you. Therefore, think wisely about how you want to be represented to the new audience.

Choose the Right Profile Picture

Upload the profile picture where your followers can see your face so that they can easily identify you. Don’t change your profile picture frequently, because it becomes difficult for your followers to recognize you from others.

Organize Your Highlights

Organizing your story highlights, with cover pages, complementing them with the aesthetics of your feed will create a nice design for your profile.


Learn More About Your Audience

The main benefit of switching from a personal to a business account is that it gives you the ability to study your insights. From the insights of your profile, you can learn more about your followers. It provides information on their age, origins, what they like or dislike, the preferable hours to post according to the activities of your followers.

You can also see which post has got the highest engagement rate, what they saved, and how many times they visited your profile. Combining all this data will help you identify your audience better, understand what works best for them, and build a successful post based on this knowledge.

Create a Content Strategy

Having a content strategy that will work for the whole audience is important as a content creator. The first and most important rule is to post relevant content on your profile. Staying close with your posts to the topic of your profile will increase your engagement rate as well since your audience is following you specifically for that kind of information.

Also, try to create all kinds of posts – pictures, videos, stories, IG TV, others. Some people prefer videos over pictures, while others love pictures with long captions. To avoid losing the attention of some part of your audience just because of their preferred content type, provide all that u can create. It will help you reach all types of people regardless of their preferred post type. Plus, it will work best for your engagement rate and algorithm.

Stay Consistent and Well Organized

Post regularly and never disappear from the feed of your followers. Consistency is your best friend when it comes to the digital space. Organize your posting schedule, prepare your posts, and post them at the right time (choose time according to your insights). It will put you on top of your followers’ feed and will drastically increase your visibility.

Engage With Your Followers

Never forget that your social media platform is a digital form of communication. You create content while your audience receives it, digests this information, and sometimes respond in a form of comments or story-replies. If you are not following this channel of communication between you and the people who receive your content, you are losing one of the most critical aspects of your platform. By engaging with your audience, you understand more about them and establish the kind of relationship that makes them feel included in your community. Remember that the only way of building a strong, long-lasting audience around your profile is to communicate with them constantly.


Following these tips will create the perfect base for you to build your Instagram profile and become an influencer. It takes time and requires exceptional dedication, hard work, and patience. However, if this is what you really want to do, don’t give up, take all these suggestions and start moving forward towards your dream job.



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