The public’s opinion on psychedelic drugs continues to change as time progresses. More experts are now using these substances to treat various mental health issues. These include depression and anxiety.

People are now becoming open to using psychedelics. One of the most common is the lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or psilocybin mushrooms. Users want to experience that feel-good, transcendental high that psychedelics are known for.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the same for all users. Some people dive into psychedelics without learning the basics. Additionally, there is the harmful phenomenon called the “bad trip.”

Before taking psychedelics for the first time, learn more about bad trips and how to manage them.

A Psychedelic User’s Journey

“Trip” is a popular term used to describe the intoxication period of a person, often from a psychedelic.

Psychedelics like LSDs are psychoactive substances that produce a mind-altering effect. Users experience changes in their senses and perceptions more dramatically. It’s as if these drugs transport them into a new world.

Generally, they experience distorted vision and hearing with euphoria. That’s what many users aim for when they consume psychedelics. Unfortunately, it’s not always transcendental. Some experiences go sideways, which many call a “bad trip.”

While some can still get an unpleasant experience from psychedelics, it doesn’t always constitute a bad trip. Some highs are more irritating than scary. However, bad trips are terrifying and turn someone’s hallucination against them.

During a bad trip, a person’s high can trigger frightening hallucinations. Users may feel paranoid or may become violent to themselves or others.

Apart from frightening hallucinations, the most common symptoms of a bad trip include time distortion, paranoia, and mood swings.

That’s why before users buy LSD online or any psychedelics, they should know how to deal with a bad trip.

Managing a Bad Trip

Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict how different psychedelics affect users. Plus, the duration of the trip depends on the drug. For instance, LSD features a trip lasting up to 12 hours.

Tripping depends on various factors. These include:

  • Preparation.
  • Current mood and environment.
  • Mental and physical state.
  • Previous experiences with psychedelics.

So, prioritize safety and comfort when taking psychedelics. Never consume such drugs if you’re particularly bothered by something else. Avoid people and places you find upsetting overall.


It’s also vital not to go to busy public areas or any stimulating environment.

Keep away from psychedelics if you have a history or are currently dealing with mental health problems.

Generally, hallucinations may trigger various symptoms of mental illnesses, making the trip worse. Some hallucinogens also impact blood pressure and heart rate. So, stay away from them if you have a heart condition.

Finally, never self-medicate. It will worsen whatever unpleasant trip you’re already experiencing.

It’s ideal to have a friend with you when taking psychedelics. This person has to know how to deal with a bad trip to help you in case you go through one.

Be Informed and Cautious To Experience “Safer” Trips

Bad trips are frightening experiences that take the euphoric thrill out of psychedelics. Whether you want to try shrooms or not, it’s still best to know the basics of its bad trip. Understanding what to do when it happens can help you or a friend out.



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