The way we holiday is varies depending on the person, but some industries continue to gain popularity. To relax and enjoy the freedom away from the usual day-to-day complications of life is a high priority for many when making their holiday plans.

Being on a sun kissed beach with the clear, glistening water is something that appeals to almost everyone. The experiences of tranquility under the hot sun are enough to help you immerse into relaxation.

Hotel holidays have their perks, but for many, just staying in the same place is not always the best option. We want to see a variety of beaches and towns and vary our time to truly make memories.

With this in mind, sailing vacations have proven to be increasingly popular especially with the luxurious quality of the facilities on offer.

The global yacht charter market is now valued at around $10.91 billion and continues to grow in popularity. With so many beautiful destinations to visit and hire a boat you can browse some fantastic options online.

Yachting holidays were often seen as something of an extravagance and for the ultra-wealthy, but now there are many options and opportunities are easier to find.

Sites like Borrow a Boat give you the option to find an appropriately priced vessel all around the world, while many places also offer the chance to join a crew and captain should you not know how to sail.

There are so many beautiful locations around the world where you can escape the winter blues of home and drift under the warm summer sun.

The Bahamas

One of the most popular destinations for some summer sun in the world is the Bahamas. With is beautiful white sand and clear blue waters, there are immensely picturesque islands so easy to explore especially on a Catamaran – you can enjoy this option via this link.

The palm trees and turquoise waters cover 200km of paradise with some of the greatest snorkelling and scuba diving.

With a calm sea provides the perfect place for those new to the sailing or a place to fully unwind and enjoy the space around them.

There are so many things to see and islands to explore. Exuma is the perfect location with pristine beaches, sandbars, and cave snorkelling. Be sure not to miss “Pig Beach” with adorable feral pigs that swim in the shallow waters around the beach.

Nassau is one of the most popular social spots with a wide range of activities, the National Art Gallery as well as the Straw Market.


The Inagua Islands are the best way to escape everything and delve into the natural beauty of Bahamas. The natural landscape and diverse wild life is perfect for nature lovers who will see why it is the birdwatching capital of the Bahamas.

For those ready to head off to the Bahamas, the choice of vessel can be very important depending on the type of holiday you are planning. Sailing boats are often cheaper than motorboats but you’ll need to have good experience of sailing, otherwise you’ll be paying extra for a crew.

Sailing catamarans are popular with their design perfectly suited to the conditions in the Bahamas. They are able to pass through shallow waters to get close to all of the amazing beaches on offer.

Catamarans also offer spacious salons, lots of space to relax under the sun whilst containing a collection of water sports equipment for all the family to use.

There are options from basic to luxury to suit all budgets and desires. Depending on the type of holiday you are looking for there will likely be an option for you.

The basic style usually requires experience in sailing otherwise a crew/captain will be required. The luxury will ensure you do not have to lift a finger and can relax and enjoy every moment of your holiday without worrying about any of the practicalities of the boat itself.

As well as the Bahamas there are a wide range of destinations all over the globe.

The British Virgin Islands too have plenty of wonderful beaches, warm waters, and an exquisite Caribbean climate. The idyllic sailing conditions make it a great place to relax and travel between islands enjoying the bars and restaurants along with the natural beauty.

Thailand is another which offers an amazing array of islands to visit. There are 1,430 islands with beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs to experience.

You can’t see them all on one trip, but Phang-nga Bay and the Phi Phi Islands are two which cannot be missed.

Another option is the Maldives, one of the best places to sail in winter with its warm air and sea water. You can explore some of the 1,000 coral islands and the 26 ring-shaped atolls at what is often considered one of the most luxurious locations in the world.

For a European destination, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is a fantastic place in winter. With less calm winds than some of the other destinations, it is perfect for the intermediate to advanced sailor or for hiring a boat with a crew.

If you chose to sail around this idyllic island, you can visit the third-largest volcano in the wok as well as its wonderful beaches.

Winter can be the best time to visit these destinations. The calm wind speeds can ensure that even those new to sailing can enjoy the time. By escaping the winter weather at home, you can enjoy the perfect temperatures to unwind and relax.



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