Microsofts’ Microsoft Word is used worldwide as it is included in the Microsoft Office and Google suites. They are easy to use, share and keep. However, the problem arises when a word document is shared, such as security, file size, etc.

Meanwhile, Portable Text File (PDF) files are easy to create, take up less room, are compact, thus easy to share, and can effortlessly be incorporated into any network. They can be stored without difficulty on the company’s server. So, to keep them, extra hardware is unnecessary. Other than those, we have listed reasons why we convert word to PDF files.

PDF Documents Universal Ability

The first reason you need converting Word to PDF documents is that PDFs are independent of any operating system (OS), hardware, or software. Regardless of OS used by a user, PDF documents or files appear the same on any computer. PDF files on mobile devices can also be easily accessed by users undistorted thanks to several free PDF reading apps besides Adobe.

These reading apps include but are not limited to AnDoc PDF Reader, Phone CamScanner PDF Maker, DocuSign, Google PDF Reader, et cetera. Meanwhile, Microsoft Word files, when accessed or edited or saved on a device operated by Mac, multiple problems can arise such as distortion of content as the features of the word are not usable in Mac.

PDF Documents Security and Legality

An electronic document or file can only be allowed in court if it leaves an electronic footprint upon editing the record, according to’s assertion. This requirement can only be fulfilled by PDF format files. Without their special document editing tools, these files are difficult to edit. Thus any attempt to forge it is difficult, although possible.

Microsoft Word files are easy to edit; however, they do not leave any footprint. Once someone gets accessed to it, they can easily make changes. Thus, they cannot be accepted in court as an electronic document.

PDF Documents Are Easy to Create

No matter the format in which the document is produced, may it be using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format, converting them to PDF is fast and easy. You can successfully convert offline using a converter such as Adobe Acrobat or an online converter like GogoPDF. Authors can translate these files back into any of these formats.

Besides, online editors like GogoPDF can help users create PDF files and, editing, compressing, and merging, or splitting files, and so on. They can also assure you of a high level of accuracy, privacy protection, multiple platform accessibility, and file safety when using their tools.

PDF Documents Are Interactive and Accessible

PDF files can be interactive with their users, the same with MS Word files. In their PDFs, a user can insert hyperlinks and media files such as images, music, videos, and others, while the older version of MS Word cannot. Further, PDF documents can be made available by simply adding alternative texts, tags, bookmarks, etc.

The law on Accessibility Compliant Standards besides stipulates that persons with disabilities must have access to electronic records. Thus, corporations and private organizations often adopt this law to help their disabled workers. For instance, those who need a screen reader or text-to-speech tool can easily read an interactive PDF document unlike with word files.

PDF Documents Can be Password Protected

There are files, personal or corporate, that usually require a high degree of protection since they may contain sensitive data. To do so, attaching a password to these documents is necessary so users can easily restrict access to such records. This gives documents an extra layer of protection against any malicious conduct.

Using various software programs or online tools such as GogoPDF, PDF files can be password protected. Both ways, a user can create passwords for their PDF files at no cost. However, not when details are stored in MS Word or when files are made using the older version.

PDF Documents Are Searchable

These PDF annals are fully searchable. The PDF files are designed with searchable features. It helps users to locate even only a word or a phrase quickly. To make their PDF files more organized, the user may use the table of contents feature. By making a table of contents, you can connect all file parts to appropriate pages.



Authors can be assured that digital files’ security issues are minimized using PDF files. The user can read, edit and exchange PDF documents with peace of mind as they can easily apply additional layers of security to them. The top reasons why converting MS word to PDF are better are just a few, so alter your word files to PDF for free using GogoPDF tools.



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