Are you planning to travel to the UK? Coronavirus has caused havoc in countries all over the world and unfortunately, things are no different for the UK. Although the vaccine rollout has brought a decrease in the number of corona cases in the UK, netizens believe that it is important that the country delays easing at least some of the lockdown restrictions.

The country which at a point had the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world has now put some travel restrictions in place to control the spread of new variants of coronavirus found globally. Now, passengers entering the UK from any country in the world will be required to show a negative Covid Testing result taken up to 3 days before entering the UK.

Proof of a negative coronavirus test is required even if the passenger has been vaccinated and he/she is a citizen of the UK. If anyone is unable to show negative coronavirus test results they will not be permitted to enter the UK. If someone arrives in the UK without a negative coronavirus test report they could be fined £500.

Anyone who is traveling to the UK through some other country can get themselves tested in this country so that they get a report taken up to 72 hours before entering the UK. If you are traveling by plane then also you should plan your testing in a way that your report is no more than 3 days old when you arrive in the UK. Thus, you can get the covid test done either in the place where you start your journey or at the place you pass through while traveling to the UK.

Which Test to Choose?

The standard test for coronavirus is the PCR test, which is a nose and mouth swab test helpful in identifying the inherent material in the virus called RNA. Travelers can also opt for an antigen test, like a test from a lateral flow device. Although the results of the PCR test are much more accurate, they take much more time when compared to the antigen test. Different companies provide these tests at different rates and many countries have put a cap on the prices so that the prices do not get too high for the citizens.

Travelers to the UK should do proper research before deciding on where to get the test done. It is best to get the PCR test done from a clinic and it is usually below £200. 

You must make sure that your coronavirus test fulfills the basic standards for specificity, sensitivity, and viral load details. This needs to be made sure by checking with your test provider. Also, you should make sure that you let the service provider know that this test is for traveling purposes and that you are traveling to the UK. Make sure that they know the date on which you would be travelling and how important it is for you to get the results in time. Therefore, you might even need to opt for emergency results if it seems that it is difficult to get the results in time.

It should be noted that you may not be able to travel if your test does not fulfill the standards required by the UK. You should make sure that you get accurate test results, which fulfill the above necessities.

Test Results

Your coronavirus test results must not be in translated form and must only be in English, French, or Spanish. In these results, your name and other information should match the details on your travel documents. Along with the test results, the report must have the details of the test provider and the date on which the test was undertaken. Without these details, you might not be able to travel to England.

In case of a positive test result, you cannot travel and you should immediately quarantine yourself and seek medical assistance. You can travel only if the test is negative.


Other than people traveling from particular regions, children below 11 years of age also do not need to take the coronavirus test. Also, you do not need to take a test if you are traveling to the UK for urgent medical treatment, which makes it impossible to get the coronavirus test result 72 hours before traveling. People suffering from particular medical conditions are also exempted from taking a test if they can show the necessary medical documents for the same.

So, although the UK has put some restrictions on the entry of people into their country in these difficult times, it is only for the safety of people. Once anyone shows a negative result, which fulfills the basic requirements, the person can easily enter the UK. Also, these requirements are not put only by the UK government but several countries all over the world have put COVID-19 restrictions in place to control the spread of the disease.



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