When every organisation will aim to involve in the digital transformation initiatives then they have to set their specific goals so that overall purposes are easily achieved. The very basic purpose of every organisation is to improve their current procedure and this concept is very much important to ensure that organisations can maintain their competitive position in the industry.

There are different kinds of advantages of depending upon digital transformation for example increasing productivity, improved consumer experience and maintaining a prominent position. Following are some of the most important pillars of the strategies of digital transformation:


These are considered to be the consumer-based experience or the employee based experience that the successful digital transformation will always lead to a very positive experience for the people who are affected by it.

Improving these particular initiatives will help in making sure that organisations will be able to connect with the customers without any kind of hassle and this transformation will further help in making sure that employees will become very much efficient.


Culture is considered to be the top driver of digital transformation and this is the greatest barrier as well. So, organisations can never neglect the people affected by technologically enabled changes which is the main reason that expecting positive results is important. Hence strengthening the people pillar is very much important so that they actively support the organisations and helps in accelerating the transformation throughout the process.


Transformations can never happen without changes and the organisation needs to address the changes pillar by borrowing the experience from the proven change management models and best practices into the communication. This particular pillar will help in communicating the things as per the expectations so that clear goals can be established and the best part is that this pillar will also help in time back to the people pillar so that success can be ensured and it also checks side-by-side if the people are affected by the change or not.


Innovation is considered to be a sudden spark of creativity that will help in leading to the creation of something those changes the face of business. The innovation pillar will help in focusing on creating the spaces for collaboration as well as new ideas and it will also help in supporting the digital transformation by encouraging businesses to find creative solutions to the problems.


It is very much vital for the leaders to proactively monitor things by not only the implementation of the plan but also focusing on the outcome of the initiative. It is the responsibility of the leadership systems to establish the key performance indicators and guide the team towards a successful transformation so that overall goals are efficiently achieved.


Business culture is considered to be a very vital aspect of the transformation process and depending upon the people the first approach is a good idea so that organisations are aware of the consumers and employees and then they move to the new technology.

Utilising the right kind of framework is very much important for the organisations and this particular framework will include 7S’s that are structure, systems, style, strategy, skills, and staff and shared values. Because the digital transformation will include different kinds of moving parts so maintaining the right kind of balance in everything is very much critical.

If the organisations focus on a new tool system then overlooking the additional employee training is further very much important so that overall goals are efficiently undertaken. Following are some of the very common challenges faced by the organisations in this particular area:

  • The most common challenge is to improve the consumer experience.
  • To increase the productivity internally.
  • To become much more competitive than before.
  • To increase the profits or sales.

Hence, the organisations should set the goals in proper regard to the technology which they are actually utilising to achieve those goals so that they can refer to it at any point of time without any kind of issue. Also being aware of the latest trends and what does digital transformation mean in the industry is considered to be a great way of improving the overall transformations and bringing the inevitable changes in the industry.



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