We’re all incredibly busy these days trying to manage all of the aspects of modern life, and sometimes keeping fit can feel like just one more chore on top of all the others. Making the most out of the time you dedicate to your physical health by planning ahead and staying motivated is important. Here are a few fitness hacks to think about and incorporate into your fitness routine.

Up Your Nutrition Game

A huge part of getting the body you want is eating correctly and making sure you fuel yourself with what you need for your lifestyle. Skipping meals and working out without the right fuel often does more harm than good. Do your research or visit a dietician or sports nutritionist and create a meal plan that works for you.

Fuel yourself properly throughout the day. Remember to incorporate the right supplements into your plan, like Turk, especially on days when you’ll be spending a good amount of time in the gym. Don’t forget to hydrate properly too!

Success is Mental

The first step is always the most difficult. There’s no saying truer when it comes to getting fit than this. If you aren’t motivated and mentally ready to workout, you’re likely going to put in little effort and not get much out of your session. Getting motivated means getting yourself in the right head space, and that can be tricky, especially because we all have our off days where we just can’t drag ourselves to the gym, particularly if we have lost some fitness.

Getting yourself motivated mentally doesn’t have to be difficult. Try and set realistic and reasonable goals for yourself and let go of the all-or-nothing mentality. If we have an off day or miss a workout, we often feel devastated with ourselves, and that’s because the all-in attitude does more harm than good. Take each day as it comes and do the best you can.

Spend Time Lifting Heavy

If you’re focusing too much on cardio and neglecting the weights section of your gym, you’re losing out on a very important component of fitness – strength. Building muscle is essential to fitness because being stronger makes those cardio sessions easier on your body, and muscle uses fat for energy.

Incorporate heavy lifting and compound movements into your workouts at least three times a week for the best result. Better yet, dedicate some workouts to just resistance training. Try and lift weights that are close to your limit too because the impact is greater than doing more reps at a more comfortable weight. Remember to practice good technique to avoid injury, so get guidance from a professional if you need it.

You Have to Enjoy It

There’s not much worse than running on a treadmill, staring forward at the same spot as the minutes tick by and your motivation drains from your body. If that sums up how you feel about getting in your cardio time while you’re in the gym, it doesn’t have to be this way. Use the gym for your resistance and strength training and find another way to enjoy your cardio workouts.

Some people find joining a pick-up basketball game is more fun, while others head out onto the sandof their local beach to get in some essential cardio. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’re not going to be motivated and your workouts will likely suffer for it. Find the cardio you enjoy!

Small changes to your attitude and motivation towards fitness can make all the difference in your success in achieving the body you want. Do something you enjoy and eat right and you’re almost all the way there already!



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