Companies use proxies for very important business activities such as gathering data and evading geo-restrictions. They also use them to protect themselves and stay anonymous while out on the internet. Therefore, proxies are valuable not only for making life and business easy for these brands but also for keeping them safe and secure at all times.

Some proxies are more available for everyone but may be less reliable, while others are mostly available on a special basis. These second groups are more reliable and safer to use and are called private proxies.

Using a private proxy is an exclusive affair, and usually, an internet protocol (IP) address is dedicated to a user per time. This means no other person can share an IP address with you while you are using it. Private proxies also provide you with multiple options of IPs, locations, and proxies to choose from. So that not only you are surfing the internet safely and securely, but also doing it in style.

What is A Private Proxy?

The one significant thing that differentiates private proxies from regular proxies is that one client can only use their IPs at a time. It can be defined as an intermediary computer that stands between a client and the internet and helps transfer communication from the user to the internet and back again. They do this by allocating multiple proxy information to the user. The user’s request and results are then routed via the proxy.

Hence, while using private proxies, you get to hide all your personal information, appear anonymous to everyone on the web, get work done quickly while still being able to bypass any blocking or restrictions.

Residential and Datacenter proxies are considered the best private proxies. Even though they are used in separate and distinct operations, they both share the similarity of being highly private and secure.

How Does A Private Proxy Work?

The general principle of how a private proxy works can be likened to how other proxies work but with a few differences. For instance, with private proxies, you enjoy more privacy and greater control over the proxy and its details. So let us describe the way a private proxy works as follows:

  • The user sends out a request.
  • The request is routed via a private proxy which uses its IPs, proxies, and location to transfer the request.
  • The request reaches the final destination and appears to the website to be emanating from a regular user and not a proxy (in the case of a Residential proxy).
  • The website ok’s it, and the results are quickly returned via the same route.
  • The user may then initiate another request using the same proxy details or change to another exclusive proxy information.

3 Main Use Cases for Private Proxies

It is obvious that the exclusivity and proxy control make private proxies very useful for special cases, and below are 3 of the top main use cases for them:

For Ad Verification

Ad verification involves the practice of checking and monitoring your ads constantly to ensure that they are performing well and not under any ad attacks. This requires the ability to penetrate any server and monitor every corner of the internet, and private proxies are the ideal tools for this job since they allow you to bypass blocking while maintaining your anonymity.

For Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

With private proxies, users can easily switch to any location in the world in the face of geo-restrictions. Suppose the user is being restricted because they are trying to access certain parts of the web from a different location. In that case, they can pick another location that is not restricted and get what they need from the server.

For Monitoring MAP

MAP or minimum advertised price is the amount agreed by all the manufacturers to sell particular goods. Monitoring this helps ensure that everyone is complying and that no seller is selling lower than the agreed price to win an unfair advantage.

To monitor MAP, you will need to collect pricing data from numerous websites, marketplaces, and social media platforms. Using any other proxy for this aside from private proxies can lead to blocks and bans.

Advantages of Private Proxies

Below are some of the best advantages of using a private proxy:

  • They offer an additional layer of privacy and security.
  • They come with multiple locations to choose from.
  • Private proxies are extremely fast, with an enviable internet connection.


Private proxies are a must-have if you want to protect your brand and boost growth at the same time. They are more expensive than the regular proxies; however, the benefits make the investment worth it.



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