While your mattress is a huge factor in the comfort of your sleep, it’s important not to overlook your bed frame, too. More than just supporting your mattress, your bed sets the tone of your entire bedroom, determines how the space is utilized, and potentially offers additional benefits, too. Before anything else, it’s critical to decide what size your bed should be.

This is as much about preference and uses as it is about the dimension of the room. Consider how you prefer to sleep and the space you and your partner occupy, as well as any pets or kids who tend to climb into bed during thunderstorms. Once you have a sense of the mattress size you need, measure your bedroom. You may have to adjust your size based on space limitations but, most often, it’s an arrangement that causes the most difficulty here.

How you orient your bedframe will determine how you utilize your entire bedroom, everything from where the light comes from to how you navigate the space. You will need more space in each direction—length, width, and depth—than the dimensions of your mattress. Your bedframe will take up more space and the bed you choose determines just how much more space.

A platform bed is generally a good choice when your space is extremely limited since they generally include options that are as close to the exact dimensions of the bed as possible. That said, keep in mind your vertical dimensions, too. Your bedframe will raise your mattress up off the floor, creating additional space underneath but also, potentially, interfering with windows or AC units. Measure twice, just in case.

Once you have your size specifications, think about the key features that will improve your sleep and your bedroom in general. For instance, a built-in bookcase or roll-out storage might be the perfect addition for a room with awkwardly angled walls or minimal closet space. You can find hundreds of options online, and enjoy the sale of inexpensive beds for every budget. For a child’s room, a loft bed, bunk beds, or a trundle might help make the most of the available space. The features that will create the most value for you depend entirely on your lifestyle and your physical space.

Finally, consider the style you select just as carefully. Your bed sets the tone for the entire bedroom, so it’s important to find one that resonates for you. Don’t decide on a style simply because it happens to match the wall color, for example. It’s much less pricey to repaint than to replace your bed and you may find a bed that meets your style demands and which works with the existing color after all.

Whatever your final choice, keeping these three elements in mind, size, features, and style, will help guarantee you a bed that will not only last but will improve your life. If this sounds dramatic, keep in mind that we spend a significant amount of time in our bedrooms; it’s important that we enjoy being there and, most importantly, feel comfortable enough to sleep deeply.



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