As the competition is growing, it is difficult enough to stay consistent in the market along with the SEO then you need to ensure that your site is future-proof. In case you do not want to hear any more about the high-quality content along with the prerequisite ranking in the SERP, then checking on the futuristic aspect is going to be helpful enough for you. So, here is how you can do it.

Improve your E-A-T Score on Your Website

The E-A-T refers to the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. For the blog posts and the articles which are published on the websites are being authorized by experts, even if it is not clearly disclosed in front of you. So why should people trust you?

The concept comes clear in Google’s Quality Rater’s guidelines along with the SEO experts. The debate refers to whether or not it is having any kind of bearing on the organic ranking. Google cleared it on the announcement of QRG. The blueprint is to develop the search algorithm with which you can view the rater guidelines.  Here is how can you improve it:

  • Opt for an author byline on your posts that you are going to publish. It is going to be authored by someone. You need to use your real name and build a reputation as an expert in the ground.
  • Get features from the authority websites like Wikipedia. QRG comes with the instructions to raters for checking the author mentions on Wikipedia and other relevant sites.
  • Create a personal website: In case you are trying to rank your business site, then you need to ensure your personal branding on your own website. Ensure that you are publishing your niche relevant content on a regular basis.

So, in case you want to know more on how E-A-T score can future-proof the SEO of your site, you can easily seek guidance from a SEO Consultant Perth.

Focus on the High Quality Along with the Actionable Content

For improving the content of your quality, you need to pin-point the specific quotations which the searchers want to get answered. Write a piece of content that comes with the detailed clarification regarding the issue. It is not dependent on the length of the content but on the answers that you are covering. In case you want it to be more concise, clarify all the quotations that a searcher may look for while reading your content. Focus on the questions while answering;

  • Is your content is much thorough than the one present on the #1 page of SERP?
  • Are you providing the reader with a comprehensive answer to their question?
  • Is your content easy to understand and free from any grammatical errors?
  • Are you presenting the information in a trustworthy way?

Build the Quality Backlinks and opt for a Social Presence

Quality backlinks work as a very important factor for your ranking. The sustainable link building strategies work as the game-changer. Along with the backlinking from the niche related trusted websites with the white hat SEO method works as the important one. Along with the guest posting, blogger outreach, and influencer collaboration, you can opt for the niche. The better backlinking gives you better organic rankings. A website that is truly authoritative makes you have a social media presence, which is strong. You can use it for building additional authority and driving more traffic to the website.


Thus focus on making your website better functioning along with the insistence on the E-A-T parameters. Whether it is the fancy schema you are using or the on-page SEO gimmicks, everything is going to give you a very future proof SEO site.



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