Tiktok is one of the most popular video making app in the world. With its rising popularity, every gen Z wants to get famous using TikTok but to be realistic, it is a tough nut to crack due to its humongous user base of about 800 million. Either one has to spend bucks to buy these followers or grow them organically which might require time.

Tiktok allows anyone to make short, unique videos and lip sync to the tunes of music which the gen Z enjoys thoroughly. Tiktok became the most downloaded app of 2020.  To gain expertise on the platform, one needs to spend time on it and with experience, one man masters the art of using TikTok.

Although, there are many methods to increase TikTok followers, we have carefully compiled 5 ways one can increase followers and become popular on the video platform which is skyrocketing.

Properly Identifying the Target Audience

One needs to understand the niche they want to create videos on. Everyone on the platform reacts differently to the niche. There is room for everyone on Tiktok as there are a wide variety of niches to choose from. But, not everyone will be satisfied by the same content that you want to create, so it is essential to know the target audience. 

If you want to target people who are in between the age group of 13-25 , then you might probably have to create more engaging and funny videos; if you want to cater to the audience of ages 35+, then you can offer some educational content or any kind advice. This specialized kind of content will help to increase followers organically without spending any extra bucks on the platform.

Using Certain Paid or Unpaid Applications to Increase Followers

Different varieties of applications are available in the market to increase followers or buy them too. The list of these 5 apps are given below which can help in increasing the audience or followers both organically or by spending an amount. 

  • TikFamous – This is a professional video editing app which makes the videos more colorful and stylish. Once you start making high quality videos, the audience will automatically get attracted and then Tiktok won’t be a far fetched dream. The application is 100% safe and helps in getting real followers to the account.
  • TikFame – The app helps in getting followers and likes on Tiktok accounts for free. The app recommends you some of the best and the most relevant hashtags which you can use on the videos. Thus, increasing TikTok likes, followers, comments, shares, reacts and helping to become famous. However, this can be done up to a certain extent after which one has to buy TikTok followers.
  •  TikFans – If you are looking out to grow your audience quickly and directly, then you can definitely use this app. The app helps in the promotion of your account and gain followers. One has to earn stars and gain followers which often comes as an advantage as well.
  • TikBooster – This app is unique in the way that one has to follow other accounts, earn virtual coins and then they can increase their followers. It might take some time but it is totally worth all the time.
  • TokSocial – The app helps in getting those followers who are actually interested in the content by application of advanced filters. The advanced filter system helps in finding followers easily. The only con is that you have to pay before using the account.

Incorporation of Popular Music and Posting Frequently

Tiktok revolves around music. The app provides an unlimited range of music which you can use in your videos. 

Since Tiktok thrives on trends, you will have to use the latest songs which the audience is tuning to. Also, you have to post frequently initially to gain more followers. 

Performing Duets

A great way of boosting TikTok followers is by collaborating with other influencers to perform duets with them. This will provide a boost as the content will reach new sets of audience. The duet function which is available on Tiktok allows users to perform duets even without meeting each other. 

It would be advisable to collaborate with those influencers whose fan following is the same as yours. With time, both can generate more followers through their content.

Using Appropriate Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is equally important for any platform. A wide amount of people on TikTok search videos by hashtags and they discover something new every time so it becomes important to use hashtags in every video to gain followers. The hashtag should not be general otherwise people night not get to know your content and follow you. One has to research the hashtags thoroughly before using any particular hashtag so that the audience can reach easily. Although Tiktok is banned in some countries, you can have a look at some of these Tiktok alternatives and continue the game of making videos and getting viral.

These tips might not give overnight results but with patience, these will help gradually to gain more followers. All this time invested in editing will not go in vain and one day you will surely master the art of Tiktok.



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