How your favorite celebrity looks so glamorous and shimmering while laying long under the sunshine. Well, jokes apart, you also know that stars do not lay under the sunlight to become suntan; instead, they use a spray tan.

Oh yes, spray tan and let me guess what your next thinking might be “how about looking for tips from industry-leading women,” right?

Well, I’m a bit sure you are because it’s your time to get a shimmering bronze glow that will make you familiar with your favorite celebrity.

Further, the tips mentioned down from industry-leading women will help you get an even better spray tan every time you go for it.

The spray tan is a wonderful product in the market that has saved time and gives results instantly. But, don’t forget things can get worse if you adapt wrongdoing before your spray tan.

For instance, you might take a hot shower before your spray tan appointment; guess what will happen? You will have an uneven tone with brown dots all over, and then you will blame that kinda spray tan. Poor!

On these bases, check what industry-leading women have to say about a spray tan.

Tip 1 from Lara Bingle

Lara says if you want to have a long-lasting spray tan over your body, use moisturizer daily, and use lemon over strips or steaks and damp with the towel. Moreover, make sure you have done with your hair color touch up, shaving and waxing because if you do these after your spray tan, you will lose the glow of your spray tan more quickly. She also advised to use the best spray tan machines and the best spray tan solutions in the market.

Tip 2 from Jenni Blafer

How good it can be to have a hand full of tips from the artist himself. Jenni Balfer identifies the factors that play a role in better spray tanning, such as clients moving, dressing, and hair color. Jenni says these factors determine what tan color anyone has.

She advises to research better equipment and machines such as Versa Spa machines, which are on top of providing over all-natural spray. According to Jenni, do not forget your skin tone and match a lighter tint instead of choosing darker shades (darker melanin tones).

Go for all-around beauty treatments from waxing to manicure and pedicure before your sprayer tan appointment. You should also not go for a spray tan more than once in a whole week; it would be better to wait for 10 days or and until the spray tan has gone.


Jenni also focuses on skin preparation such as shower, waxing, and exfoliating the body and make sure that all the spray tan has removed before the application of new tan. Further, she says avoiding wearing tight, silky and bright outfits and using products such as spray tan moisturizers and lotions.

Tip 3 from Dr. Rachel Nazarian

If you wish to spray tan evenly over your body, you should start by scrubbing your body to remove dry skin. The gentle exfoliating in circular motion remove the dead skin cells and results in smooth skin for the pigment to be applied.

Like, Lara Bingle, Dr. Rachel also advises to wax and shave prior to spray tan; she says that hair blocks the tanner to absorb evenly; moreover, the shaving and waxing after a spray tan reduce the color and remove it faster.

She also advises using a moisturizer before spray tan (not just before spray tan), making the skin hydrated. Even after the spray tan moisturizing, your body will help the tanner stay longer; however, ignoring this tip will eventually fade the color.

Wearing makeup before a spray tan is a total a loss of your money; according to Dr. Rachel, use micellar wipes to remove makeup thoroughly before getting your spray tan.

Another spray tanning that Dr. Rachel gives is to apply nail polish on the nails before spray tanning to avoid nails from being stained.

Tip 4 from Kristyn Pradas

From Prada’s side, she elaborates full body spray tan to be more popular among celebrities. She also says that the spray tan is a customized service because every individual stands different.

If you are more comfortable doing spray tan in your home than, according to Pradas keeping a package of wipes and sponges while you start doing your spray tan and use wipes to ensure your hands, nail, and toenails remain clean. Further, use sponges to blend tan over fingers and all around.

She also advised to use different tan color intensity over other parts of the body; for instance, your hands require lighter tanning, but if you applied a dark tan (imagine how it would look like!). Furthermore, another tip from Pradas is to darker your outer thighs and waist to look slimmer.

Well, reaching an end if the tips from leading industry women, you might have an idea of how you will use these tips to get your desires tanning results.



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