Team building exercises are crucial way to help build team morale. In the day to day running of any business, even simple jobs throughout the week can start to build up and cause large amounts of stress and pressure on an individual team member.

Keeping on top of stress in the workplace can be tricky, especially if team members don’t feel like they can speak to you about these issues. In order to gain their respect and trust, team building exercises need to be built into the regular running of your business.

Making a simple search online through your go to search engine, will give you loads of ideas which are often classroom based. However, to make the most out of a team building exercise you need to find something which is fun and engaging for everyone involved. Changing your search terminology to team building will suddenly make team building much more appealing to your team.

Differences Between Food & Classroom Based Team Building

A key difference between food activities and more traditional team building exercises in a classroom, is the fact that many people use cooking and food as a way to relax at home. Cooking is seen much more of a hobby and a great way to socialise rather than a chore, making it highly appealing in comparison to sitting in a classroom looking at a whiteboard for a few hours.

Another element tide in to cooking is the encouragement to be creative and really get involved with the activity in front of you. Sitting in a classroom staring at a whiteboard cannot be seen as highly beneficial when your team spent most of their day sat stationary in an office environment.

Instead of more sitting around and staring into space, you want to be encouraging your team to develop as a group and allow themselves to relax little, this is when you will start seeing key differences in how your personnel bond as a team.

Ideas of How to Incorporate Food & Team Building

One of the most obvious ideas on how to incorporate Food Verification and team building exercises is to enroll your employees into a Cookware cooking class. This could be a one off session or a course over a few weeks, whichever one you feel necessary to help gain the effects you require.

Even a one off session with your team all bonding together and being engaged creatively, can prove highly beneficial to the way that your business runs in the workplace. By allowing your team time away from their computers and everyday tasks, you are allowing them to get to know each other better and subsequently make the most of each others’ strengths. This is one of the best results you could possibly hope for from team building.

Another idea would be to start growing a herb or vegetable garden at your workplace, making it a regular space to relax and be creative as a well gelled team.



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