As of right now, California is home to the most major sports franchises in the United States, with a total of 19. There are seven major league clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, located in San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco. Twelve major league clubs are located in the Greater Los Angeles area. Major league baseball teams are available in both San Diego and Sacramento.

Men’s and women’s collegiate athletics in California are among the best in the country. California’s four biggest universities are part of a league known as the Pacific 12 Conference: USC; UCLA; Berkeley; and Stanford.

While football and basketball are the two most popular sports, they also participate in Olympic events like swimming, diving, and gymnastics. They also play other sports including soccer, baseball, and softball.

Sports Betting in California

In the state of California, the fight over legalized sports betting appears to be heating up. Commercial sports gambling at tribal casinos will be legalized under a law on the October 8, 2022, election that relates to sports betting.

There is no mention of online sports betting on the ballot. However, seven sportsbooks have initiated a proposal dubbed California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act, which includes measures to contribute a portion of income to mental health services and combat homelessness.

Sports betting is illegal in the state of California, but some of the best offshore sportsbooks allow you to place bets.

You must be at least 18 years old, live in the golden state, and have a method of depositing and withdrawing money to play at one of these sites. If you want to learn more regarding sports betting sites in the Golden State you can check out this guide about some of the most renowned California sports betting websites and how they work.


Football (NFL) is the most famous major league in the United States. Four NFL teams are based in California. The preseason begins in August, the regular season begins in September, and the playoffs begin in January.

Los Angeles Rams games will be played at the Los Angeles Stadium until the new arena in Inglewood, California, is ready in 2019 following the team’s recent return to Los Angeles after a 20-year absence in St. Louis.

Levi’s Field in Santa Clara hosts the San Francisco 49ers’ home games. Even though Levi’s Stadium lies in San Jose, transportation from San Fran to Santa Clara is available.


California is home to five MLB franchises. After the start of the regular season on April 1st and lasting until the end of November, the postseason takes place in October and at the beginning of November.

In the Sf Bay Area, there are two professional sports teams. The Oakland A’s play in the Coliseum, which they split with the Oakland Raiders, while the San Francisco Giants compete at AT&T Park, located in the city’s central business district on the bay.

Both the L.a. Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play their home games at Dodger Stadium, which is located just outside of downtown Los Angeles. In Orange County, near Disneyland, the L.a. Angels of California play at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim.



In the state of California, there are four National Basketball Association franchises. Early October marks the start of the pre-season. Normal play begins on October 31st and continues until about mid-April. From mid-April to early June, teams begin their postseason run.

After warming up for their game against the California University of Pennsylvania, the Seton Hill women’s basketball team gathers in a huddle. Lakers and Clippers both play at the Rogers Centre in downtown Los Angeles; they both share the same arena.


In California, the MLS has two franchises. Starting in March, the regular season is followed by the postseason from October to early December. Check the team’s calendar to see if they compete in any special events, like the CONCACAF Champs League, which are not part of the MLS.

San Jose Earthquakes games are mostly hosted at Buck Avaya Stadium, which is located near the airport and hosts the team’s home games, but they also play at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, which is only a short drive away.

There are three National Hockey League clubs in the Golden State. Playoffs typically begin in early June and finish in early June, with pre-seasons beginning in September and the regular season beginning in early October. The “SAP Center in San Jose” Arena is home to the San Jose Sharks.

Three of the NHL’s clubs are situated in California, and they’ve dominated the league so far this season.

Sporting Events for the Minor Leagues

A great number of Minor League Baseball clubs and stadiums may be found in the suburbs of big cities across California, particularly in smaller communities. The season is nearly identical to that of the MLB (March through September).



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