Many people invest in new mountain bikes because they are tired of their old cycle or want to add to their collection. All-in-all, you must ensure your purchase gives you value. You must consider several aspects when buying a new mountain bike, the most common being your budget, full suspension, wheel size, and the types of the mountain bike. If you want to get the best mountain bike for your money, use these tips.


Mountain e-bike costs between $200 and $10,000. So, it all depends on your budget. If you are in the market for a mountain bike, it’s given that you can afford the cheapest make. However, if you want value for money, don’t go for cheap, as it won’t afford you the same comfort and performance as a pricier bike.

While cost is a crucial deciding factor, you must also consider that you want this bike to serve you for several years. Therefore, opt for a more costly bike with all the features you want, such as full suspension, lightweight, and stronger parts. It’s better to pay about $2000 for a quality mountain bike that assures quality performance than buy a bike at $200 and have it totaled in a few months.

Type of Mountain Bike

There are different types of mountain bikes, each of which is suited to different riding styles and terrain. The main difference between all the bikes is the frame geometry, especially in the head and seat tube angle, suspension design, and design of the gears, brakes, and handlebars.

  • Cross-country Bikes are lightweight and have minimal travel, and their suspension system is designed to offer maximum forward momentum. The gearing system also maximizes efficiency. You can choose a hardtail mountain bike, but the full suspension is the best cross-country mountain bike. Best suited for climbing mountains.
  • Trail Bikes are best suited for all riding, climbing mountains, or descending. That being said, these are the best mountain bikes. Check out these new trail bikes before you make a purchase decision.
  • Enduro and All Mountain Bikes: These are designed for racing, long-distance cycling, and rough terrain with steep climbs and descents.
  • DH Bikes: These are designed for descending fast and performing tricks such as jumps and drops. They have an incredibly slack geometry which gives the bike stability when riding on steep terrain and optimal braking ability attributed to their oversized disc rotors.

Frame Design

The frame is what determines whether a bike is heavy or lightweight. And as we all know, the best mountain bikes are light to give you more handling control. So when buying a bike, check the frame design. Some manufacturers will opt for a cheap frame design to maximize the suspension technology.

Therefore, you need to make your choice wisely. If you are okay with having cheap frame material but superior technology, then that’s good. For instance, which would you choose, a bike with a full carbon frame or one with a carbon front end with an aluminum rear or an all-aluminum frame? Mind you, they all have the same geometry and design; the only difference is the weight.

A carbon frame is the best, although more expensive, as it can be repaired, unlike aluminum.

Uses Interchangeable Parts

Look for a mountain bike that allows interchanging the parts. This is because as you advance your riding skills, you’ll need an upgrade, and instead of buying a whole new mountain e-bike, why not switch to lighter and better parts that improve your ride performance? So when making a purchase, consult an expert to see which parts can be interchanged and ask them to recommend better and more affordable ones.

Where You are Riding It

If you want to get value for your money, consider where you will ride your mountain bike. We’ve seen that some are best at climbing mountains or descending, and some can do both while others are all-purpose riding bikes. You must also consider your cycling skill level, bike geometry, and suspension.

For instance, if you plan on enrolling for races, you’d best get yourself an Enduro mountain bike. However, a trail bike is the ultimate choice if you plan to explore all types of terrain and climbs.

Take It For a Test Ride

A mountain bike is a major investment, so make wise decisions. Don’t fork out thousands of dollars for a mountain bike you’ve not tested. If you are buying at your local bike shop, ensure that they have a demo fleet, which they use for customers to go on a spin before making a decision.

Don’t go bike shopping any day of the week; also check when they hold their demo days, and better if they have an offer on their bikes. And expect to pay a fee to take a demo bike out. It’s not that they distrust you; it’s an assurance that they will get their bike back; after all, it’s a business.

You are advised to test-cycle several bikes of varying sizes, shapes, costs, and brands to get a feel of their differences and decide if you will make a purchase.


Have a Great Relationship With Your Local Bike Shop

If you want the best mountain bike for your money, create a good rapport with your local bike shop owner. Let them in on the kind of bike you want so that when it comes in, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll also get an added advantage as they will always inform you when they have offers and open expos, like Outerbike or NEMBA Fest, where you can get to see and test drive a range of bikes.

You should also keep an out for component reviews; here, you will get information on which rollouts are evolutionary and avant-garde.

Final Thoughts

A mountain bike is a worthy investment for cycling lovers. Therefore, you should always aim to get the best mountain bike for your money. Be sure of what you want, and use the tips above to land the best deals on mountain bikes.



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