These peculiar eye items have numerous functions. They can make you appear better. They also provide you with dozens of benefits. But before you can enjoy any of these, you must first wear them. But the thing is that you need to consider some things not to do when wearing them. Putting them on requires some time to learn and get used to.

That is why we are here to discuss what not to do as when you go about wearing your pair of lenses. Whether you’re a seasoned pro who just needs a fresh set, or a newbie who needs a good quality set of lenses, you can get brand-new lenses by checking out. Now, let’s take a look at the things to avoid doing: 

Perhaps you are an individual who rubs your eyes now and then each day. You do so to get rid of the irritation or dryness occurring in your eyes. But you better avoid this practice once you wear contact lenses. To rub your eyes with contacts might cause damage to your corneas. You might need to get eye surgery once this scenario happens.

  • Never Leave Makeup on The Lens

It might be that you accidentally stroke your eyeliner across your eyes. The action might cause makeup and other particles to get on the lens. It might lead to eye irritation and other issues. You need to take your lens off immediately and give them a thorough cleaning in a solution.

  • Avoid Using Dirty Hands

Speaking of cleaning, you cannot use dirty hands and fingers to touch the lens. You have to wash them first before giving your eyes a little touch. We use our hands for almost all of our daily activities. That means they get in contact with all sorts of organisms, germs, and other things. Placing them on your contact lens without cleaning or washing will not bid well.

  • Keep Off the Sunscreen

It is a must to apply sunscreen on our faces for some of us. It is one way to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays. But you have to make sure that none of it will get to your lens-wearing eyes. Sunscreen on your contact lens poses the same dangers that makeup and other things possess. You will require medical attention not too long later once it happens.

  • Avoid Water

You must not get into any water-related activity with your contact lens on. Water contains all sorts of bacteria and other things that can damage the lens and your eyes underneath.

The same goes for swimming pools. It is a fallacy that they do not have microorganisms in them. The chemicals and saltwater are not enough to eliminate all of the organisms present in pool water. Better to take your lens off before taking a plunge.

  • Never Go Off Wearing Schedules

Some of us might think that wearing a contact lens not during schedule might sound harmless. You might be right on one point. However, you need to do so in a minimal sense. It is still the better choice to wear your contact lens during an appropriate schedule.

  • Never Place Them on Irritated Eyes

This aspect is simple. You have to let your eyes rest before you place the contact lens on them. It might lead to further irritation once you choose not to do so. It might even lead to long-term eye issues.

  • Never Sleep With Them

Contact lenses are comfortable to wear. But that does not mean you have to sleep with your pair still on your eyes. The action will make your eyes dry. Not only that, but it can also lead to vision impairment in the long run. Sleeping with your contacts on can also wear them down and reduce their quality. The lenses are also an ideal breeding pool for bacteria that can lead to an infection.

  • Avoid the Heat

It is also a must that you avoid placing your contact lens case where heat can get to it. Going to the beach? Do not place the case in your bag or pouch. Are you going somewhere else? Do not leave the case inside the car. Exposure to heat will cause dryness to the lens inside. That means they might have reduced quality, and you might need to get a new pair once again.

As An Afterthought

It is one thing to read about what you have to avoid. It is another to put these aspects into practice. The best thing to do is keep your hands and the lens clean and moist at all times. You need to do all you can that is right in terms of wearing such fragile items.



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