In the last few decades, developments in technologies have changed every sector. Gaming sector is one of the leading sectors that has embraced innovative new techs with open arms. How we used to play games ten years ago is hardly comparable to what we are offered these days.

The advent of smartphones, incorporation of the internet in gaming, consistent up-grading in graphics, and the inclusion of big companies have brought the gaming universe to a new height. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are among the biggest tech giants behind the exponential growth of modern gaming.

Thanks to all these factors, the number of players has increased drastically worldwide, and the gaming industry is expected to cross-market value of $200 billion in the next two years. Here, we will discuss how innovation in technologies and digitization have changed our gaming experience. Plus, what current new trends in the gaming industry will bring revolution in the future.

How Digitization Has Changed the Gaming Experience

From sticking to the PC for hours to playing our favorite games on the go with smartphones, we have come a long way. Digitization has revolutionized our gaming experience.

A Wide Range of Selection and Easy Testing

In the past days, video games were popular on the recommendation of other people and friends. Ratings and reviews used to play a significant role at that time. Nowadays, the number of games has increased, but there are far more ways to find out about a particular game. Players can make purchase decisions easily and quickly, especially when it comes to deciding between different games. Most game developers provide testing and a trial version of their games so that players can check the gameplay. Plus, players can check the real users’ reviews on YouTube and blogs. There was previously no comparable offer. So, the situation has developed in favor of gamers.

The Advent of New Forms of Gaming

Incorporating the internet has opened doors for many opportunities for game developers, and that’s why new forms of gaming have arrived. Online games that were only available at the land-based can be played at a reputable online game with a smartphone or a PC. There are more and more online game on the internet. They offer qualitative gambling experience with maximum securities and safety features. In a nutshell, a lot has changed for gamers. By playing with an online provider, you also have a higher level of anonymity. This is important for some players as gambling is seen as taboo in many regions.

New Techs Enhance Experience

New technologies have also played an essential role in the revolutionization of the gaming industry. The smartphone is one of the innovations with the most far-reaching effects. These effects have also enthralled gaming. In fact, a whole new way of gaming has emerged. Mobile gaming existed earlier, for instance, snake games in feature phones. But smartphone popularity has changed the entire industry. Mobile gaming can now compete with providers of console and PC games. The industry is taking more and more shares from classic gaming, in addition to smartphones and apps.

The Future of Online Gaming Seems Bright

There are also innovations that have been introduced to the gaming culture recently, and they have the potential to change the gaming scene completely. Many game developers and service providers have adopted some of these things already, but we will see these things in trends in the future.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR have come to enrich the gaming experience for good. Big companies like Apple and Facebook are striving hard to offer their own headset for this technology. Nonetheless, both technologies are the gaming of the future. After all, it cannot be denied that the appeal of gaming also lies in immersing yourself in a completely new world. Thanks to augmented and virtual reality, this is already possible. The whole thing isn’t all that realistic yet. Basically, however, it is only a matter of time before gaming experiences a new era thanks to both technologies.

Cloud Gaming

The future of cloud gaming can change the online gaming industry. With this, players can play high-end and blockbuster games on their mobile phones without needing high specifications. This has the potential to change gaming forever. Cloud gaming can target the players who love to play games on mobile on the go instead of consoles or PC. Players don’t have to download and install the game offline on their devices, as cloud gaming allows them to play all the games through servers. Plus, cloud gaming platforms offer a roster of multiple games in a single subscription, so this would become a cheaper option for players.

The advent of Sony, Google, Microsoft, and NVIDIA in cloud gaming has concluded that the future of online gaming is brighter. PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, xCloud, and GeForce have already welcomed thousands of players in a short time. The rising popularity of cloud gaming will diminish the demand for high-end specs in computers and mobile phones. However, a strong internet connection would be a basic necessity here. Since the game runs online, an internet connection is required.

Cross-Platform Gaming

Cross-platform gaming is another revolutionary change that could open a new door for the players. Earlier, players weren’t allowed to play with their friends if they use different devices or consoles. For instance, you have Xbox, and your friend has PlayStation, then you could not play the game together. However, gaming is more fun when you can play along with your buddies. With a cross-platform facility, you can play with your pals or other players without any barrier.

The players and game developers can also benefit from this as they can approach a wide community of players. Initially, cross-platform gaming was not allowed on many games, but the popularity of Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG have forced this functionality to emerge. We may see more innovation in cross-platform gaming.


Bottom Line

There is no break to the innovation in the modern world. We will witness many new things in the gaming world in the future. This is just the beginning of the new decade, and the popularity of eSports tournaments has increased exponentially. More tech advancements will improve the gaming experience.



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