CBD is a compound that continues to grow in popularity. It is now a supplement that is widely used across the globe. This is due to its strength and flexibility. In 2018, CBD became a legal substance due to the passing of the farm bill. And since that time, it has gained massive recognition as a result of the high level of demand.

But what exactly is CBD? What are its benefits? Can it be used on dogs? These are just a few of the several questions that will be answered as you indulge this article.

Firstly, what is CBD, and Do Dogs Enjoy it?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a substance that is extracted from the leaves and buds of the very popular cannabis plant. Research teaches us that regardless of its origin, it is very safe for consumption, as opposed to cannabis. Connoisseurs have proven that cannabidiol has very little as 0.03%THC. This means that consumers wouldn’t get intoxicated by it.

Keep in mind That THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a compound of the cannabis plant that induces psychoactive behaviors in consumers. However, all this, triggers the question of whether it is safe to use CBD for dogs and how much is ideal to use? Cannabidiol also referred to as the “good hemp”, is renowned for providing therapeutic benefits. It is a compound that is used a lot by medical providers and traditional healers to combat several medical ailments.

This is because it interacts so well with the organs of the body. When consumed, CBD locates the endocannabinoid system (ESC). The ESC is located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Both are responsible for ensuring the body is in its perfect working condition.

Did you know that dogs have ESC as well? Oh yes!!! Our furry friends have the endocannabinoid system too. This is the primary reason they can ingest the compound and be able to tolerate it. It provides the right balance to the body. Vets and pet owners speak highly of CBD for dogs because it provides remarkable health benefits. Below are a few benefits of CBD for dogs:

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Dogs just like humans get anxious and stressed out sometimes. Did you know that “the good hemp” can help remedy this? Reports and testimonies from vets and dog parents suggest this. They testify on the effectiveness of cannabidiol in resolving dogs’ anxiety and stress.

Dogs can get anxious as a result of several things. It can be that they are bothered by strange noises in the home. It can be that they do not particularly feel comfortable in their new environment. It can also be a result of unfamiliar faces in the home. However, cannabidiol can be used as an excellent alternative to managing a dog’s stress and anxiety.

Acts as an Excellent Pain Reliever

CBD can also be administered to canines to help relieve pain. This is because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This in turn helps to combat inflammatory conditions like chronic pain.

So, when your pooch is feeling discomfort due to pain, it is a great idea to introduce CBD. It will act as an excellent pain reliever and ensure that your pooch feels better. There are a few other inflammatory conditions that cannabidiol helps to resolve. Some of these conditions include arthritis, hepatitis, epileptic seizures, and so on.

Relief from Skin Diseases

Most people are oblivious to the fact that dogs suffer skin diseases. This is because the telling signs aren’t so obvious. In any case, CBD is an excellent alternative medication to remedy skin disease in canines. Studies show that a dog’s skin has a number of endocannabinoid receptors. And these receptors are responsible for promoting skin health. So, when cannabidiol is administered to pooches, it binds with these receptors, thereby enhancing their performance.

How to Administer CBD to Dogs?

There are several ways you can administer cannabidiol to your pooch. This is because CBD comes in various forms, hence allowing for flexibility during prescription. You can find Cannabidiol in pills, edibles, and oil tinctures.

Most vets would recommend administering cannabidiol through oil tinctures to your dogs. This is because it is easier, and it lasts longer. Still, you have to keep in mind the right dose to prescribe.


I would recommend you start your prescription with smaller doses. Do this for some time, then gradually up the dose. Note that you should only increase the dose if you do not notice any changes in your pet’s health.

Also, make sure to consult your vet before making a prescription. The advice you get from your vet will ensure you prevent overly using the compound on your pet. It will also ensure that you are fully aware of the compound your pooch is about to ingest.

How to Purchase CBD for Your Dog?

Purchasing quality CBD for your pooch can be so easy. This is especially if you know how to shop for it. I would advise a first-time buyer to research properly before choosing a provider. The best providers are well recognized and can easily be found through online searches and referrals. This is because they sell organic products that are free from heavy metals and toxins. They also sell CBD products that mainly constitute cannabidiol. This tends to satisfy customers. This website has tips on how to shop for canine cannabis-infused products.

Bottom Line

CBD for dogs is entirely safe. This is because the compound has remarkable therapeutic benefits that interact well with the canine’s system. However, keep in mind that there are several providers, and not all can back their claim of selling top-rated products. I would advise you do proper research before sticking to a provider.



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