If you’re looking for a mobile phone and have unlimited data, there are only two choices: Verizon and AT&T. T-Mobile only offers two unlimited plans, and Verizon offers a wide variety of different unlimited data plans ranging from a low of just a few minutes to unlimited talk time and data.

You always get more value with Verizon unlimited plans than T-Mobile does. So which mobile phone company offer the best deals? In recent years, Verizon Wireless and AT&T have been competitive in their unlimited data plans and pricing. Both companies offer some version of the other, but each offers something different.

Hotspot Unlimited Data

Verizon’s version, Verizon FiOS, includes many rural areas in the U.S. for a more affordable price, while AT&T’s version, the premier of its brand, the LG Optimus Prime, gives you the coverage you want at an affordable price. Each one of these companies also has many attractive benefits over T-Mobile and google fiber.

The one-line cost of Google Fiber is cheaper than Verizon FiOS and it comes with unlimited talk, text, and data on many of its plans including most of the major cities in the United States.


Verizon’s version of the android authority also includes nationwide calling plans in over fifty states, great coverage in the big cities, and free DECT phones so you won’t be stuck with a boring one or a low resolution phone. It’s not as bad as T-Mobile’s coverage, but it’s still better than nothing.

One thing I love about Verizon’s version of android authority is that it allows me to combine my home phone line with my unlimited data plan for a discounted rate that brings all of my lines together under one roof. This means that I no longer have to pay any additional fees on those two different lines.

I get the best plans available, save money every month, and never have to worry about missing out on important calls or text messages because I have to move my phone to my office. Combined with the fantastic unlimited nationwide network, this is the perfect package for me.


T-Mobile has one of the best plans out there, too. They offer plans with low two-gigabyte limit, high-speed mobile hotspot data, and video streaming for up to five hours each day on up to twelve different devices. They’re also loaded with features like caller ID, seven different messaging services, voicemail, and free phone calls to your favorite numbers. The downsides are that their plans start at just a bit over one hundred dollars per year, but they don’t break much past that. Their video streaming only works on some of their phones and doesn’t support HD video.


Finally, we have another great company called Straight Talk. This company doesn’t really offer many plans other than their single-line option. Their plans start at just under one hundred dollars per year and they have no limit on how much you can spend.

You can either choose a two-year or a three-year plan, so you can easily see that this is an excellent value. I can’t recommend these two companies enough, especially if you’re looking for high-speed data with an excellent carrier.



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