There are many perks and benefits of choosing HughesNet internet service. They are a satellite internet provider offering maximum area coverage in the United States. The company claims that its service is available for every customer who has a clear view of the southern sky. Terrestrial connections are available to most of the residents of the USA. However, rural areas only have access to satellite connections as a mode of connectivity.

HughesNet Broadband Services

HughesNet offers valuable services for remote areas. Customers can access a stable bandwidth that doesn’t go through any glitches. Reliable speeds allow great feasibility for all kinds of internet usage like downloading and uploading of data content, streaming, online office work and schooling, video conferencing, etc.

HughesNet internet plans are fairly simple and clear. They offer just four internet deals and they are without any confusion. The customers can make a selection out of these four as per their individual requirements. The internet has turned into a necessity nowadays. Everyone wants the best and the fastest connection that can offer maximum support.

Satellite internet is not the fastest type of internet. There is a matter of higher latency than its wired/fixed competitors. A data signal on satellite internet has to travel far and wide to bring the internet to you. Due to the immense distance, satellite internet faces a half-second delay, which causes lag in the service.

HughesNet Internet Speeds

HughesNet with its Gen5 service is offering consistent speeds of 25 Mbps with every data plan. The lag is there but it isn’t enough to cause buffering or slowing down of speeds. The only problem that customers of satellite internet do face is the unreliability of connectivity. HughesNet customers get constant high-speed internet due to the high-capacity internet satellite ever since the launch in 2017.

HughesNet Internet Plans

HughesNet customers get a choice between four plans, each named after the amount of data available with it. There is a standard 10 GB plan costing $59.99 per month, a 20 GB plan costing $69.99, a 30 GB plan for $99.99, and a 50 GB plan for $149.99 per month.

All these plans come with a 24-month contract during which the prices will remain the same. You can opt for a higher tier plan during the service and you can also buy more high-speed data along the way. if you are looking for a phone connection as well, you can add that as well. The quality of service would be better than that of the cellular connection.

Reasons Why Anyone Should Choose HughesNet

  • HughesNet offers all its new customers promotions and deals. These will provide unparalleled ease of use. One of these is a promotional discount of $10 for the first 6 months of service with every new internet plan. Make this $20 if you bundle your internet and phone service together. Promotional prices are liable to change as per the company’s policy, however, for now, the deal remains valid.
  • Customers get access to unlimited data or as HughesNet calls it, the soft data caps. There are indeed data limits with all the internet plans but these limits are not hard. Take this example for reference. You’re on a 10 GB tier plan and have guests for the weekend. The children start watching their favorite videos on YouTube and the adults get hooked to online games. The first thing that comes to mind is that 10 GB is not enough for any of that. Will your internet still work in the morning? The answer to that is yes.
  • The usual speed provided with every plan is 25 Mbps, which can be sometimes more than that. This speed will be reduced to 1 to 3 Mbps in the above-mentioned scenario. They will not cancel or terminate the service, and you will have a download speed that can help you to carry on normal internet activities. Or, you can always buy their data tokens, anytime during the service.
  • No other ISP is too keen on providing free high-speed data without additional costs. It is where HughesNet comes in. Ever internet customers can access a 50 GB data pocket, available between 2 am and 8 am. It is known as the Bonus Zone data, which is accessible for every consumer, each month.
  • If you by any chance exceed your service data limit, you can use this bonus zone data for high-end usage. It is a valuable option for all those customers who don’t like paying extra costs for services and are looking for some special deals. Get the 20 GB plan, add the 50 GB extra data and you get 70 GB of high-speed data per month for just $69.99. Isn’t that amazing!
  • The dish antenna is included in the price of the plan. So, you can take that out of the equation. You can lease the built-in Wi-Fi modem/router for $14.99 and get free standard installation with your internet plan. You don’t have to invest in a separate router, as the whole house is covered with the HughesNet modem/router. You can connect any smart device from anywhere inside with seamless access.
  • Most customers are worried about data when they watch streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. With unlimited super-fast fiber or cable internet connections that is not something to worry about. But a satellite connection offers a limited amount of high-speed data. HughesNet offers its customers with Video Data Saver feature.

So, when you watch a video anywhere using your satellite internet connection, the quality is reduced to standard definition. It will save your high-speed data so that you can stay in touch with a higher bandwidth throughout the month.

HughesNet internet plans are suitable for most individuals and households, wherever you are in the States. They are customized in a way that every customer can find something that fits their budget. They are also trying to launch the next generation High-Density Internet Satellite somewhere by 2022. It will upgrade the present speeds to up to 100 Mbps.



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