The Summer is slowly spreading its heat over the Indian climate! With a lot of cooling equipment of today we can beat the scorching summer.

But the truth is, nothing can beat the comfort & convenience of Good Old-Fashioned Ceiling Fan!

The ceiling fan is perhaps the most well-known family device. Indeed, the number of fans utilized in our Indian families happens to be equivalent to, or more than the number of rooms in home.

Bigger rooms, obviously, need more than one fan. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could install this very well-known family device by ourselves?

Yes. It is possible with a few guided steps!

Most houses or flats nowadays incorporate a power connection option along with a ceiling fan. If the arrangement is not provided already, contact an electrical technician to do this for you.

The following are the steps that one can undoubtedly follow while installing a ceiling fan.

Always, Safety First!

We should keep ourselves safe and protect our property too.

Step 1: Start by shutting the power off with the electrical switch.

Step 2: Ensure all electrical parts like wires, switches, and even the ceiling fan are of guaranteed quality.

Step 3: Take some time and read all the manufacturer’s guidelines, health tips, and cautions. And always follow them.

Step 4: Don’t forget that the Standard distance necessary to keep from the ceiling fan to the floor is7 feet, so accommodate accordingly.

Check For The Toolbox Instruments

Step 1: Never forget to ensure that all the needed devices like the drill, stepping stool, forceps, screwdriver, voltage analyzer, protecting tape, etc. are damage-free & handy.


Step 2: Check for the ventilation & Ideal Windflaw situation in the room. Pick the ideal site of that Ideal wind flow to get maximum output.

Step 3: Utilize a down pole if the ceiling height is too high from the floor, otherwise, the wind will scatter above &you won’t get exact output on the floor.

Step 4: Additionally, ensure that the selected ceiling is not damaged or prone to leakage.

Setting Up The Fan Hook

Step 1: Install the fan hook while following the user’s guide.

Step 2: Always use the hook made of high-quality material and corrosion-free design, no matter the shape or brand.

Step 3: It is indeed necessary to check if the hook shape and size are the perfect fit for the fan as well as the ceiling provision.

Assemble The Ceiling Fan

Step 1: Blade Mounting:

Mount every fan blade bracket to a fan blade.

Step 2: Joining:

Join these blades to the fan engine.

Join the wires from the engine to the covering and the down bar, as indicated by the manual.

Connecting The Fan To The Hook

This is the last & crucial stage of the ceiling fan installation.

Step 1: Assistance

For this stage, someone to assist you would be preferable.

You would require somebody to lift the attached fan towards the ceiling hook while you slide the mounting section to the hook.

Step 2: Joining

Then point slide the nut to the knockout opening and attach the fastener.

Always refer to the manual while joining the wires.

Secure the wire associations with electrical tape.

Step 3: Finishing

Move the canopy towards the ceiling.

Wrap the wires and secure the setup with the given screw.

The Testing Phase

  • Now you can switch on the power source of the fan to test if it is working well.
  • If you find the fan is shaking while working, switch it off and adjust the fan level.
  • You can do this delicately by moving the fan, so it hangs at the correct level with the hook.
  • Switch on the fan to check again and also check if all the fan speeds are functioning well.

Now chill & enjoy the fresh breeze under your ceiling fan!



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