The era of intelligent big data has come. The intelligent devices continue to pour into the home use. Many people are updating the intelligent equipment. This is to make the daily life more convenient.

As the leader of smart wearable devices, smart bands have been changing. It is in the 6 years of rapid development of the market. The basic functions of smart bands are not much different. But their emphases are different. There are some who focus on the running data summary plan. Some people focus on the monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen data. There are differences in brand emphases. When purchasing, the most important thing is to define your own needs and price budget.

First of all, we need to know what functions the smart bands today have. We can divide the functions into three categories. They are life category, health category and sports category. Life functions refer to payment functions, information reminding functions and other functions. It can reduce the troubles in daily life.

The main functions of health smart bands include blood oxygen monitoring and so on. This includes sleep monitoring, sedentary reminding and other functions. This can prevent life and health problems. The sports category includes running monitoring, waterproof function and so on. This includes other data functions and hard indicators.

It is necessary to combine the users and purposes after purchase. Everyone’s needs are different. Data show that most elders are suitable for purchasing health smart bands. Life smart bands account for a larger proportion of elite white-collar workers. Sports category is obvious. People who like running and fitness buy more.

If the budget is sufficient, we recommend the Fitbit band. The heart rate monitoring function can be read within 4 seconds. It realizes real-time heart rate monitoring. It is recognized as a hot brand for purchasing. Fitbit is expensive. Its cost performance is not very good. For ordinary consumers, cost performance is a necessary problem.

Misfit Flash is developed by Misfit Company in the United States. The price is reasonable. There are some bright spots in color and color matching. But its function is single. Considering the cost performance and diversified functions, HUAWEI band 5 is a good choice. It is because of its diversified functions and support for various health data monitoring. This is through various evaluation data.

The purchase of all kinds of commodities has something in common. That is its cost performance. The final goal is to purchase goods with various functions at a good price. Or there will be no comparison of various commodities. Consumers should make reasonable choices according to their own preferences and reality.



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