Garages are much essential to the lives of every homeowner, especially to Americans. It is not just a car parking space but also a storage room for almost all your outdoor tools. But, what is the best way to organize these tools? This guide will help you construct DIY garage shelves and sort all your stuff from gardening materials to automotive tools.

What is a Garage Shelf?

A garage shelf is a storage place for almost everything in your garage. It will organize your stuff and sort them out, making them much more accessible. This shelf will help you get your tools quickly and make your garage cleaner and look more spacious.

You can buy a garage shelf online or purchase it in an actual store. But the good news is that you can construct it on your own. DIY garage shelves are less expensive, plus you can make your own design on how you want them to look. Yes, it will cost you a little more time and effort than buying one, but the outcome will be much more epic.

What are the Different Types of Garage Shelves?

You are probably thinking of a possible design for your DIY garage shelf right now, but let us discuss first the basic ones. Garage shelves vary in different forms and types, depending on what they are made from. There are shelves made from wood, wire, and metal. Below is the detailed guide to finding the best garage shelf that best suits your preference.

#1. Wooden Garage Shelf

The most straightforward type of garage shelf is wooden. Yes, you heard right, a durable and reliable garage shelf made out of wood. It is the easiest one to construct. Plus, a wooden garage shelf is much less expensive than the other types, more likely because the materials used for its construction are cheaper than on any other shelving ideas.

#2. Wire Garage Shelf

A wire shelf is also one of the best options for organizing stuff in your garage. It is best used for placing liquid-filled storages like gallons and paint cans. Garage shelves made from wire are also more durable and long-lasting than the ones made from wood. But, this shelving idea will cost you relatively a little more of your budget. However, spending money for a shelf like this will be pretty much worth it.

#3. Metal Garage Shelf

The sturdiest and most durable type of shelves for your garage are the ones made from metal. They can last longer than a decade. Metal garage shelves are commonly used for storing heavy equipment like gardening materials, car parts, and automotive tools. You can even attach wheels to make them moveable and more comfortable to place where you want them to be.

#4. Adjustable Garage Shelf

One of the most straightforward and accessible shelving ideas is the adjustable garage shelf. It makes you move, rearrange, and access items quickly and easily. You can position any of your stuff according to where you want them. Adjustable shelves for your garage are commonly made from metal, so you do not have to worry about storing bulky items.

#5. Self-Enclosed Garage Shelf

Self-enclosed garage shelves vary in styles and sizes. They are made out of wood and plastic materials. You can put them anywhere in your garage, like attached or hung to the wall. You can even place them by the corner standing. It is one of the best garage shelving ideas because these shelves’ doors keep rust and rats away.

How to Construct a DIY Garage Shelf

  • The first thing you need to do is to gather all the required materials for the construction. These materials depend on what DIY garage shelf you want to build, whether it is wooden, metal, self-enclosed, wire, or adjustable.
  • The next step is to measure the place where you want to place your shelving unit. All the measurements must be accurate and precise. You do not want to make a DIY garage shelf so big with a space so small.
  • If you have the materials needed and you’ve got your plan, the last step is to begin the construction. Various types of garage shelves vary in different levels of difficulty.

Why Should You Construct a DIY Garage Shelf?

Everyone wants to tidy up their garages and make them more spacious. Well, owning a shelving unit will do the work. You can make any garage shelf you want, whether floating, wall-attached, self-enclosed, or moveable.

This guide will help you construct DIY garage shelves and sort all your stuff from gardening materials to automotive tools. But before anything else, you must have all the materials and the right tools for the DIY project. Make sure that you check for product reviews and buying guides on Best Of Machinery before purchasing hand tools and power tools.


Before constructing a DIY garage shelf, you have to consider different possibilities and outcomes. You have to choose the right type of shelving unit for your garage. This guide will surely help you choose the one that suits your preference and style.



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