As a driver, vehicle impoundment is one of the worst nightmares you can dream of having. A vehicle impoundment is a legal process when your vehicle is confiscated if you commit an offense. On the other hand, not all traffic offenses grant vehicle impoundment. By the end of the article, you will better comprehend some of the traffic offenses that can lead to vehicle impoundments.

Careless Or Dangerous Driving

Your vehicle can easily be impounded if the local police authorities note that you carelessly drive without following the road signs and regulations. This is done to minimize the chances of your vehicle causing a road accident. The police will act swiftly and flag you down as soon as possible. When this occurs, a penalty notice that may be accompanied by a court summons is issued by the authorities. Your vehicle will then be towed and confiscated, but you will be guided on how to return it.

To avoid vehicle impoundment over careless driving, ensure you maintain the set speed limits, avoid reckless overtaking, maintain your driving lane, and maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you. The cost of releasing your vehicle from impoundment may vary depending on the nature of careless driving.

When Your Car Gets Involved In Crime

If your car gets involved in criminal activities, the police will be able to justify its impoundment. Depending on the nature of the crime, the government may even revoke its ownership. Such a car may be used as evidence in a court of law. It is also advisable to cooperate with the officials by providing all legal documents about car ownership, especially if one of your friends was driving it and got involved in a crime.

Depending on the outcome of the case, your car can be auctioned, and the money can be used to compensate the innocent party. Always be alert to who you give your car to avoid getting involved in crime.

Defaulting On Settling Your Car Loans

At times, it may be impossible to purchase a car in cash. Thus, you opt for financing options from either banks or even the car dealer to enable you to buy the car. If you default on paying the agreed amount for a long time, your vehicle may be impounded.

The creditors should also notify the police of the impoundment. If the creditors resort to using violent methods while impounding the car, you can sue them in court and demand compensation. They should also ensure they stick to the agreed terms and conditions before impounding your vehicle. If you cannot settle your car loan on time, it is advisable to re-negotiate with your creditors on other payment terms that will suit you both.

Parking Your Vehicle Dangerously or Illegally

At times, you may arrive from your errands and find your car is not there in the parking lot. The best way on how to find out if your car was impounded is by going through the impound database. There is a high likelihood that you had either illegally or dangerously parked your vehicle in such an instance.

The police may tow your car away if it is causing obstruction or if you have parked it in restricted zones. You will have to pay the release fees to get back your vehicle. Ensure you park your vehicle in a safe place that will not lead to obstruction, and also ensure the parking space is free from any falling objects.

Vehicle impoundment can be easily avoided if you drive safely and ensure your car has not been involved in any crime. You should visit the nearest police station once you realize that your vehicle has been impounded and commence the legal procedure for releasing it.



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