Lawsuits based on slipping and falling have become a cliche in the public eye: but it’s not something to be snide about.  The older someone gets, the more serious the complications can come from slipping and hitting the hard ground. Although nobody wants to get hurt, we all deserve compensation for anything that happens to us against our will.

This is how to handle a slip and fall injury and why it’s important to talk to a lawyer.

Get Medical Care Immediately

Seek medical care the moment anything happens to you.  Doctors will be able to catch injuries that you didn’t spot or feel when they happened, and this medical care will ensure that you don’t have to worry about internal bleeding or any other issues.  Document anything the hospital says about your condition, as well as any treatment they have to perform to get you back up and going.

Report the Accident

Report the accident to the building and to the police if needed.  Let people know that this happened to you due to the negligence of someone else and that you’ve been seriously harmed.  Even if it could have been worse: this should have been avoided altogether.

Take Photos of Yourself and the Site

When you fall, take the time to take pictures of not only the area where you fell but also your injuries.  Taking photos will help show if there’s a lack of signage, how slick the floor is, and any other conditions that could have developed into this problem of a slip and fall injury.  Although this might seem embarrassing at first, it’s vital that you gather evidence to get what’s due to you.

Keep Documentation and Evidence

Try to document everything you can as much as possible.  This includes correspondence with the owner of the building and whatever medical paperwork you collect through the healing process.

Don’t Accept or Assign Blame

Although you may be tempted to loudly accept blame out of embarrassment, blaming it on slick shoes or bad balance: don’t do this.  This type of counteracting statement will just make it more difficult to win your case if you have to take this to court.  You might not know how badly you’ve been hurt, don’t risk losing out on the money you’re owed.

Speak to a Lawyer

Speaking to a personal injury lawyer is important because they will take you seriously and will want you to win the money you deserve to be able to move past this incident and heal financially and physically.  You deserve to be able to recoup and lost wages or time that this slip took from you, and the company responsible deserves to be charged for what they’ve done so that they won’t do this again.

A Slip Might Change Your Life

Regardless of how careful you are, an unmarked slipping hazard could permanently alter your life in just moments.  Not only can it cause severe physical harm, but the pain of healing and moving past that harm could be extraordinarily expensive: don’t try to do this alone.



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