As we all know that today we live in a connected world. The evolution of technology, which began in the late 80s, has made the world as a whole connected. Even if you’re sitting in Delhi at your home, you can still talk to your friend living in the US or any other country. You can even know the weather of any city, state, or country at your fingertips. Generally, any car which has an internet connection is considered as connected vehicle. Having an internet connection isn’t a different thing these days. Many people install a telematics-based GPS tracker for car in their vehicles, which needs an internet connection.

The telematics industry is based on robust internet connectivity. Due to the strides made in technology, people can easily access the internet, which has made it easy for people to install it in their vehicle. Many people have turned towards telematics-based GPS tracking system to avoid their vehicle from theft, fuel idling, and engine idling. To some extent, this device has helped personal vehicle and fleet owners, at least alerting them of stealing.

The influence of telematics technology isn’t only influencing the fleet and commercial vehicles. It’s changing the way fleet managers and commercial vehicle owners see things. In current, even the smallest of firms have integrated vehicle tracking systems in their system and which is also giving them results. Due to this technology, fleet management has flourished.

Why is GPS Tracker Needed?

Here I’m going to write the five advantages of GPS tracker for 2021 Kia K5 wichita car for personal as well as fleet vehicles:

Car Saving Alert:

There is a function named anti-theft in the vehicle tracking system, which gives you an instant alert whenever someone tries to start or tow your vehicle. With the help of this alert, you can save your car from getting stolen. Critics could say that it doesn’t stop the thief from stealing but let me tell you one thing, the anti-theft alert it sends is instant. Even after the stealing, you can track your vehicle without letting the driving person know.

Remote Engine Lock:

This feature of the GPS tracker lets you turn your engine on/off according to your requirement. For example, suppose a thief keeps an on your area for the past 2-3 days after three days. Unfortunately, he decided to steal your car while you’re sleeping at home, firstly you will get an instant anti-theft alert on your mobile, but this alert can’t stop the thief from stealing as we have discussed in the previous point. With the help of the engine access feature, you can turn off your engine, and your car will stop immediately.

Vehicle Health:

During the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, people have become more health-conscious, which is a good thing as we all know health is wealth. Doesn’t a vehicle’s health matter? It should matter. After all, you put your hard-earned money to purchase your car. With a GPS tracker’s help, you will get the distance traveled, time is taken, which route was taken, and where your car went in the past 90 days. These data can help you in maintaining your vehicle in decent condition.

Driver Monitoring:

This feature is convenient for every fleet manager, who can’t see his driver’s behavior while driving on any route. However, they can still monitor their driver’s behavior with the help of a vehicle tracking system. There is a function in the Overspeed alert device, which lets you mark a speed limit of your convenience. Whenever someone exceeds the speed limit, you get an instant notification from your mobile app. We have heard and seen many accidents occur due to over speeding. This feature can save your driver as well as your vehicle from getting damaged.

Mark Your Area:

It is a very useful feature for anyone, whether you’re a personal car owner or fleet owner. The GPS tracker provides a function named Geofencing, which allows you to mark your need’s particular area. If you’re a personal vehicle owner, you can mark your home and create a safe around that area so that whenever your car enters or exit that area, you will be notified. Similarly, if you’re a fleet manager, you can create a geofence around your client’s location so that whenever your vehicle enters or exit that area, you will be notified.


According to a report, the automotive global telematics market worth will reach $62.6 billion by 2025. In India, telematics is still used to monitor vehicle movements, but now it’s growing by leaps and bounds. GPS tracker for car is also part of the telematics industry, which also secures your vehicle in many ways. Henceforth, telematics-based GPS tracker is becoming a necessity for vehicle owners.



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