Most of us like to tackle diseases and health concerns using natural remedies. While most natural remedies may not have side effects, some can pose serious dangers. We all have heard about the significance of elderberries in treating seasonal flu and mild health concerns.

Many people have been using elderberries for years but don’t know its side effects. Elderberry can have serious side effects on your health if you take it in amounts more than necessary. In this article, we are tackling the topic of elderberry overdose.

While it can be dangerous to take elderberry in excessive amounts, its moderate use can work wonders. Rather than suffering the consequences, it is better to be cautious beforehand. Let’s jump in and explore some of the elderberry’s side effects.

Consequences of Having Too Much Elderberries?

Elderberry may be called the super fruit, but it comes with its fair share of warnings. Most people consider elderberries one of the most powerful berries. While they can treat a lot of diseases, excess use of it can cause the following consequences:

●  Vomiting/ Nausea

Elderberry is rich in anti-cyanides, which are great for preventing wrinkles and anti-inflammatory in nature. However, it can also have an adverse effect if you have too much elderberry or have it when it’s not fully ripe. You can experience nausea and vomiting if you don’t have a ripe one.

Elderberry contains a cyanide-producing chemical that can adversely affect your health if not taken in moderation. One thing to remember is that one shouldn’t have raw fruit or leave extracts. It can make your head spin and cause you to throw up instantly.

Trigger Allergies

If elderberry is consumed wisely, it can help calm your allergies and prevent sensitivity. However, it can also be one of the causes of triggering allergies. It has a cyanide-producing chemical that can trigger elder pollen allergies, especially in older people. Also, you must be cautious with it if you take medication for other diseases.

It is essential to consult a doctor if you have rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Many doctors don’t advise taking elderberries if you have an autoimmune disease. It is better to be safe and do your research, as elderberry benefits can also turn into side effects if you are not mindful.

Triggers Autoimmune Disease

Elderberry is known to stimulate immunity and make it stronger. While it benefits many people, it can adversely affect people with immunity disorders. Autoimmune diseases such as arthritis or lupus can get triggered if you have an elderberry, even in moderation.

If you are taking medications such as azathioprine or simulect, it can reverse their effects. It is essential to take your doctor’s advice before considering elderberries. People taking autoimmune medication can have headaches and nausea daily with elderberry supplements. It can also interfere with some other drugs and restrict their efficiency.

Mild Poisoning

Elderberries can often cause mild poisoning in your body, especially if you have raw berries. Upon chewing raw berry, cyanide can be released into your body. Cyanogenic glucoside is a type of poisoning released within your body and causes you to feel sick and dizzy. You can feel nausea and numbness upon having a raw berry.

One of the things that most people experience when intaking elderberries is excessive stomach distention. It causes your stomach to feel uneasy and causes gas issues. Excessive elderberry intake can cause diarrhea as well. Pregnant women and children must stay away from elderberries.

Does Elderberry Contain Toxins?

Elderberry is a beneficial fruit with great health benefits. Many drugstores sell the best elderberry with vitamin C and zinc, which works wonders to provide great results. However, it also contains some toxins, which can cause a few difficulties. You can have a breathing issue or experience an upset stomach.


One of the things elderberry has is lectin which is slightly toxic and poisonous. It can cause your head to feel heavy and cause stomach troubles. It also has cyanide-producing chemicals which cause dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. Elderberry is mostly beneficial if you take it in moderation.

Final Verdict

People in Europe have used elderberry to combat seasonal flu, and its popularity has increased worldwide. Besides being beneficial, elderberry also has some side effects if you have it excessively. We have discussed the consequences of having it too much above.

It can help you analyze whether elderberry is a good choice for you. However, it is nice to consult a doctor before intaking it if you have external health conditions.



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