Being overweight or many people call it obesity is common to several people these days, as many people have to follow a sedentary lifestyle. It became a difficulty for some people because it simply affects their health. There are several reasons why people become overweight, but the main reason is an unhealthy lifestyle.

People can effortlessly gain weight to the amount that they will become overweight, but the most serious thing is that dropping that extra weight is a tough challenge. Overeating, too many carbs and fibre lack are the major causes of obesity.

When it comes to losing weight, people are usually under the mindset that they need to follow a strict diet plan. People mostly search for effective ways to lose weight such as having a strict diet plan for weight loss, exercise, etc. But knowing those worst ways of losing weight can help you to avoid the mistakes and stay healthy. In this article, you will learn the worst ways to lose weight. Take a look:

Eat Less and Starve                                                               

To lose weight very speedily, and unhealthily, people severely restrict their caloric intake. A calorie is simply a measure of energy in food. When you lose 2.5 kilos in a week, at least 50% and as much as 75-80% of it is water, and it could be obtained back within one or two days of overeating.

When you lose muscle, your body not only starts to take on that additional skinny fat look but also your metabolism slows down and your bone strength decreases. So, while harshly restricting calories is good for losing weight quickly, it is ultimately a wrong way to work on losing weight.

Staying in a Calorie Deficit Too Long

It is believed that the longer you continue in a caloric deficit, the more weight you can lose. But it could affect your health as well. This method can be the reason for slow metabolism. Your body becomes more stressed and there will be loss of anabolic hormones. Moreover, this will generate a frustrating condition wherein you are eating less, yet not losing weight anymore.

Don’t Eat Sufficient Protein

A low-protein diet is good for stimulating muscle loss while in a caloric deficiency. On the other hand, high-protein diets are more effective for body fat loss, including abdominal fat in special. Protein diet helps to maintain lean mass. It improves satiety and helps you to avoid hunger bites and cravings.

Use One Approach for All

Not all diets plans are created equivalent. They are not planned to work for all of us. One thing that is easy for one person to manage may be too hard or difficult for other people. It is simple to follow several rules of what we should do, but you are more likely to succeed in your weight loss journey when you can choose your suitable way. If you are not sure about the best diet plan according to your health, then you can discuss your dietary needs with India’s qualified dietitian.

Do a Ton of Cardio

Many people compare cardio with weight loss, and believe the more they do cardio, the more weight they lose. Cardio can help burn calories and hence fat, but doing more will appear in more calories burned, that is a big blunder. You should not do an extreme amount of cardio while dieting to lose weight.


Today, people are more willing towards choosing methods of losing weight that would give them quicker effects than any other ways. Understanding the above worst ways to lose weight can help you to choose the right methods. It is good to choose a way to lose weight that satisfies you and suits your life. To achieve sustainability, you need to perform it your way.



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