If your son or daughter is going to be graduating in the upcoming months, you should familiarize yourself with the different graduation announcement options out there. When it comes to grad cards, there are a ton of different options as well as styles to choose from. We have put together several of the most popular styles so you can find the design that works best for you.

Top 5 Graduation Announcements for 2020


Foil is a great way to add something a little extra to your announcements. Foil stamped graduation announcements can be customized online and are absolutely stunning. You will just want to be selective on which elements you would like to be done in foil. Most times, it is recommended to add foil to the graduate’s name as well as the school; by doing this, you make the most important information stand out first.


The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is maybe even more true when it comes to senior grad announcements. Many of your friends and family live far away and do not get the chance to see their niece or nephew as often as they would like. Adding the latest photo of your soon to be graduate is an excellent way to show everyone how much they have matured.

No Photo

There is nothing wrong with a traditional non-photo graduation announcement or invitation. They are a timeless and very classic look, gradation designs that do not include a photo lend themselves very well to foil, and there is nothing to distract from the design itself foil gives the card and even more elegant look at really helps make the design pop and stand out. Colors also play a more significant part when it comes to a non-photo design. Matching the schools’ colors is always recommended or going with a neutral color of black and white as it will not distract from the overall look.


Folded graduation cards add more dimension to the card and also give plenty of space to add the important details of the graduation. The most popular folded design is called a tri-fold design. This allows for multiple panels to be used for photos as well as more information such as which college your child will be attending in the fall as well as any other plans you want to tell your friends and family.


You can announce your child’s graduation at the same time you invite everyone over to your home for a celebration. Party invitations are a great way to allow everyone to come together to shower your new graduate with compliments and words of encouragement as they are starting down a new path in life.

No matter the design you choose, your friends and family are going to be overjoyed you thought of them and want to join in the celebration. So don’t wait a minute longer, get started on creating the perfect card for your child today.



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