In the fast-paced world of modern business, optimizing warehouse operations is not just a preference; it’s a necessity. Handling the intricate processes of inventory management, order fulfillment, and stock tracking demands a seamless solution.

Ventor, a robust mobile application designed for Odoo Inventory, emerges as the game-changer, offering an array of features that revolutionize the way warehouses function.

Solving the Warehouse Woes – Main Features

Ventor Mobile App comes as a beacon of efficiency in the realm of warehouse operations. In the fast-paced landscape of modern business, where the intricacies of inventory management, order fulfillment, and stock tracking demand a seamless solution, Ventor emerges as a game-changer designed specifically for Odoo Inventory.

Developing since 2014, Ventor addresses the perennial challenges faced by warehouse managers, streamlining routine operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

One of the primary pain points it tackles is the complexity of warehouse tasks, ensuring that operations remain straightforward and user-friendly. Check out this solution in the following link.

Walk-through Pick Navigation

With their walk-through pick navigation system, Ventor has revolutionized warehouse efficiency. This innovative picking system not only leads pickers to the best routes but also reduces unnecessary walking, increasing their efficiency by as much as 35%.

Ventor minimizes the amount of time spent on the floor of a warehouse by cleverly planning how to pick orders.

This leads to better performance all around and sharply increases productivity, allowing businesses to process orders more quickly and correctly.

Seamless Stock Movement

Therefore, the seamless stock movement provided by Ventor is one of the foundations of a successful warehouse operation.

Allowing personnel to scan products and locations readily, Ventor facilitates the transfer of stock between warehouses, zones, and locations quickly and precisely.

Inventory Adjustment on the Go

Inventory management is a perennial problem, but the Inventory Adjustment tool by Ventor turns this problem into smooth sailing.

It is possible to perform annual inventory adjustments or cycle counts on the fly; therefore, stock values are always accurate.

Enabling companies to make data-driven decisions regarding stock levels that prevent discrepancies and situations of either stock out or overstock.


Multi-Order Optimization

Ventor does not only select efficiency but just optimizes the entire order fulfillment process with its multi-order optimization feature.

Through intelligent optimization of the selectors’ routes, Ventor helps them process more orders in less time. It reduces picking time and makes sorting easier during the packing process.

This optimization generates a ripple effect across the entire supply chain, leading to faster order processing, shorter lead times, and increased warehousing efficiency.

Serial and Lot Numbers Management

Ventor’s attention to serial and lot number tracking is an innovation in inventory management. Beyond the essentials, this tool makes it simple for organizations to keep an eye on parts, manufacture, and expiration dates, as well as maintenance and warranty terms.

Businesses can track the lifetime of every product with this kind of detailed control, which helps them make well-informed choices regarding supplier relationships, quality control, and restocking.

On-the-Go Sales Order Creation

In a business environment where agility is key, Ventor empowers users to create sales orders and procurement orders while on the move.

Whether on the shop floor or reviewing warehouse stock, Ventor ensures that operations remain fluid and responsive.

Main Advantages of Choosing Ventor

Ventor also has numerous benefits that make it unique among other warehouse management solution providers.

It specializes in Odoo inventory and has created a market for itself by providing customized mobile apps to simplify complicated warehouse management operations.

Commitment to Excellence

The high-quality services provided by VentorTech revolve around a commitment to excellence. The company’s team of experts is focused on providing new solutions that satisfy and surpass set client expectations.

Having a Customer-Centric orientation, VentorTech is equipped to appreciate the subtleties of warehouse management and customize its services to address the peculiarities of every business.

Compatibility with Leading Scanners

The Ventor mobile app is compatible with industrial handheld terminals such as Zebra, Newland, and ScanSKU. Regardless of choosing top-end scanners or cheap Chinese solutions, Ventor guarantees uniformity across devices.

Seamless Integration with Odoo

Ventor easily connects to Odoo, one of the most widely used open-source business software suites. This integration improves the app’s overall functionality, making it a must-have for business operations on Odoo.

Comprehensive Two Weeks Trial Period

To show trust in Ventor’s performance, the company provides a two-week trial for free. It enables businesses to witness a taste of the power that the mobile app can harness on their warehouse operations without commitment.

Research-Backed Advantages

However, this dedication to innovation is not limited only to necessary warehouse management. The fact that the application is adaptable to a variety of hand-held terminals represents a nuanced understanding of the industry’s heterogeneity.

Second, Ventor’s seamless connection with Odoo makes the company a key partner for businesses that employ this software suite. At least a hundred warehouses are using Ventor, and a great number of businesses trust and test Ventor, with many positive reviews about it overall.


The Ventor Mobile App, therefore, turns out to be the perfect offering for those who wish to transform their warehouses.

From walk-through pick navigation to seamless stock movement and on-the-go sales order creation, Ventor encompasses a spectrum of features that empower businesses to enhance efficiency and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.



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