Are you ready to get rid of unwanted clutter in your home and hope to make some extra cash from it? Cleaning out the attic, the basement, or even just your closet can become an opportunity to put some extra money in your pocket.

If you have real valuables to sell, such as collectibles, jewellery, or anything made out of precious metals, you probably want to skip the garage sale and take what you have to an expert. Here’s how to make sure you get the top price for your valuables after you declutter your home.


Jewellery can prove to be a lucrative belonging to sell after you clean up. Even old and broken jewellery will be valuable if it’s made out of silver or gold.

The key to making the most money when you sell gold or silver jewellery is finding the right buyer. The ideal buyer is a bullion dealer who can also identify and work with antique and vintage jewellery. Buyers like these include Muzeum, which operates as both a bullion dealer and a buyer who can identify, value, and resell collectible pieces.

Collectible pieces may have a higher value than their bullion price alone, and the best buyer is one who can connect to a network of collectors who may be interested.

Even if your jewellery is broken or not especially unique, you should be able to get multiple quotes to find the best price on offer among bullion dealers.

Silver Flatware & Tea Sets

Jewellery is not the only place you can find silver. Flatware and tea sets can also be quite valuable, thanks to their bullion content. No silver flatware is pure silver because the metal is too malleable and would get damaged in use.

Nevertheless, Sterling silver and even lower purities commonly found in flatware can still be valuable. Plus, flatware collections and tea sets can wind up weighing more than jewellery, making these sets a great source of cash when you’re cleaning out your home.

Before you sell silver flatware and tea sets, you may want to clean and polish the collection. Proceed with caution, though. Older antique and vintage sets may lose value if you remove the patina, although with most collections, you should be able to safely clean and polish them before selling. This helps if you’re selling to another end user rather than a bullion dealer, as it improves the appeal.


Collectibles markets are wide and varied, from stamps to coins to comic books and more. Given the very different set of buyers any of these potential collectibles can attract, the best way to start is probably by doing some research online. See if you can find other, similar items for sale online.

In other cases, you may need to talk to an expert about something’s value. If you have collectible silver coins, consider taking them to a bullion dealer or someone who has experience in numismatics, but you’ll need to talk to a very different expert if you have a piece of fine art or war memorabilia.

Cleaning up the clutter in your home can turn up some valuable items. Be sure to separate the gems from the junk, and find the right buyer for the appropriate items.



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