TikTok is a platform that quickly spread around the world and became popular among a wide audience. At first, it was perceived as a place for schoolchildren and students, but now everyone understands that there are people of any age here. Today we will talk about how to promote your account on this platform.

Why You Should go to This Network

TikTok now unites, in addition to a young audience from all over the world, many popular creators and large companies. Every business owner understands that this is the best place to promote their company and increase sales, and bloggers know that this is where they can become popular.

Now people spend more time on this platform than on other social networks. Even Instagram cannot boast such audience retention, although recently it was the undisputed leader. For example, teenagers spend more than two hours a day on TikTok, and the average user spends about an hour. This is a huge indicator for the social network, even in 2022.

Those who said a few years ago that this is a service for schoolchildren are now deeply disappointed because this audience has already grown and is now solvent. Students and those who have just graduated from universities most often shop online because they often spend time on social networks and have a scholarship that can be used for incidental expenses. Consequently, those who initially went against the skeptics are now successfully selling their goods and services to the audience of the platform.

How to Promote an Account

To succeed on such a popular service, you need to put in a lot of effort. However, in addition to working on content and advertising, you need to turn to an experienced company like Viplikes to buy TikTok followers there and get rid of the problem of a small audience. This step will allow you to quickly move forward and start working for your viewers and not in vain.

Using such an effective promotion method, you should also be aware that you are creating high-quality and interesting content for users. Often there are cases when the creator promotes his account, but people leave him soon. This is usually due to the fact that the author creates content that is not in demand among the audience.

In this regard, you need to work on promotion and at the same time do everything to ensure that people who come to you again stay with you. Promotion works only for those who really try and put a lot of effort into creating unique videos.

Follow the Trends

The most important aspect when creating videos is their relevance. Now on social networks, all content is built on trends that are popular all over the world or in certain countries. To keep up with the times, you need to constantly monitor trends and implement them in your work.

In TikTok, it is important to choose music that most users know. You can search for such tracks in the recommendation (they appear in the popular section) and add them to your videos. Even if you are shooting educational or informative content, you can use popular music, this does not diminish your expertise in any area.

Collaborate with Other Creators

To gain popularity among a wide audience, you should meet and collaborate with various bloggers. These can be creators on your topic or on some other topic, but you should understand that your audience should be similar. For example, if you shoot content for students and someone for people over 45, then none of you will benefit from your collaboration.

Find bloggers who are willing to work with other people and try to maintain a good relationship with them. We strongly recommend that you do not stir up conflicts with colleagues because this may negatively affect your reputation.

Here you can say that many authors have achieved success thanks to the hype that arose due to a public conflict with one of the bloggers or companies. Yes, there are many such cases. However, what is the probability that after this hype subsides, all people will continue to follow the content of the person who participated in the conflict? As a rule, such creators are of interest to society only during quarrels and trials, and then they are forgotten again.


TikTok is a platform where you can promote your personal channel or your brand. This can be done even in a highly competitive environment, but you need to make a lot of effort when creating content and promoting.



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