1-800. Those digits are recognisable all over the world – but do they still matter?

When toll-free numbers were first utilised by big businesses back in 1967, they totally changed the marketing game.

Long-distance calls were famously expensive, and the introduction of the 1-800 number meant that people could communicate, from anywhere, without watching the clock in panic.

But in 2021, with most phone calls standardised making them free to call, is the toll-free number deemed obsolete?

Here are just three reasons to consider opting for a toll-free number for your business in 2021.

Makes Your Brand More Appealing to a Wider Audience

If you’re a large business in Germany, for instance, a German phone number is unlikely to draw much custom from people who live in the UK. This is true for businesses operating out of any country who are trying to engage a wider, global audience.

Opting for a toll-free number can offer area codes, which appeal to customers in all locations, giving a sense of familiarity and also appearing more familiar and reliable. Giving the perception of a local base will be much more likely to drive custom than an unrecognisable number which is likely to be ignored.

Makes Your Brand More Memorable

One of the benefits of toll-free numbers which has remained true since the very beginning is how recognisable they are. In fact, customers are much more likely to memorise a toll-free number with an area code above a regular local telephone number. So, if your goal is to become memorable, a toll-free number is a no brainer.

A good example to look at for this is the USA. The US has hundreds upon hundreds of local area codes, but there are just seven area codes available for toll-free numbers, making them much more recognisable and easier to commit to memory.

Makes Your Brand Appear More Established

Toll-free numbers are famously associated with large, credible brands. They are rarely thought of when considering start-ups or small and medium sized businesses, and this remains the case to this day.

So, whatever the size of your business, choosing a toll-free number can help you to appear more established, placing you amongst many of your biggest brand competitors in the eyes of your customer. Not only will this boost your credibility, but it will also make you more appealing as a go-to choice for the next time your particular services are required.

Are You Missing Out on The Long-term Benefits of a Toll-free Number?

Yes, toll-free numbers may be dated in today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced world. But that doesn’t mean they should be deemed useless.

As you can see, many of the reasons why toll-free number became so popular way back when remain, and your business could be missing out on all these benefits and more by not adding a toll-free number.


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