In vitro fertilization (IVF), also known as a test tube boy, is a medical technique that can assist people with fertility issues. India has become a popular medical tourism destination, especially for IVF care. The most important reason is the growing number of visitors to India, as well as the successful care given by India’s IVF Centres at a reasonable cost, especially in Mumbai. When it comes to infertility, every IVF Center in Mumbai offers a fair amount of successful IVF Treatment.

IVF is now more effective in India because the best IVF centres in India are using advanced IVF methods in conjunction with the best infertility specialists in India to assist infertile couples with fertility issues. In India, other Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) are available in addition to IVF. The cost of IVF treatment in Mumbai is very low, which is one of the best aspects of choosing IVF treatment in Mumbai. 

List of Top 5 IVF Centres in Mumbai

Saraogi Hospital  

IRIS IVF Centre in Mumbai has been delivering the best infertility care with outstanding results for more than a quarter-century. Saraogi Hospital’s Iris IVF Centre is dedicated solely to fertility therapies and offers a wide variety of innovative procedures to help you fulfill your dream of being a parent. It has evolved over time to become the best fertility centre in Mumbai. 

With the introduction of test tube baby treatment (IVF), the hospital established the IRIS IVF Centre, a new department dedicated to infertility treatment. At IRIS IVF, you should get the most innovative care because the centre specializes in continuously updating its facilities to keep up with the new advancements in the field of infertility. Saraogi Hospital has worked tirelessly for years to offer the best possible gynecology care because it understands the importance of a child in a couple’s life. 

If you need IVF care, your quest for the best IVF centre based in Mumbai ends at IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital, where the cost of IVF procedure is comparatively less but success rate is higher. 

Bloom IVF 

Bloom IVF is one of Mumbai’s best IVF clinics, with over 25 years of experience in assisting couples in becoming pregnant. In 1993, the first Bloom IVF baby was born. They have a strong IVF network with ten full-fledged IVF centres across India, as well as a highly regarded team of IVF specialists who have received international training and have treated thousands of patients. 

Bloom IVF is one of the best IVF centres in Mumbai, India, with a success rate comparable to the West (40-50 percent live birth rate), a technologically advanced laboratory with the new IMSI, embryoscope, and assisted laser hatching facilities. Bloom IVF Centre is trusted by international patients from all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mauritius, the Middle East, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Norway, and Spain. 

Nanavati Hospital 

For 65 years, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital has been at the forefront of healthcare. Various specialty divisions provide a wide range of programs in almost every aspect of modern medicine and health care.

Experts support well-equipped patient rooms, cutting-edge departments, and technologically advanced structures. It offers a systematic approach to fertility care with specific specialist teams. IUI, PESA, TESE, and other specialized IVF facilities are available at the hospital. 

The hospital offers a broad range of super speciality programs in the areas of infertility therapy, assisted reproductive technology, and intensive maternal and child care. Furthermore, process-driven critical care providers, as well as the most advanced diagnostic and imaging facilities, form the foundation for holistic, comprehensive, and modern patient care. 

Hinduja Hospital 

You are in the most honest and loving of hands with Dr. Indira Hinduja who is considered a legend in the field of infertility treatments, and the guarantee of the best of practices treatments that comes with P. D. Hinduja Hospital. 

In certain cases, the inquiry into infertility starts and concludes with a female-only evaluation. As a result, a woman is often exposed to a series of tests and procedures only to be reassured that all is normal at the end of it all.

Through this, she has been unable to conceive. Infertility is treated as a “couple matter” at the Hinduja IVF Centre. Both the mother and the father-to-be are assessed holistically in order to include the most practical care options based on the most recent medical advances. 


Jaslok Hospital 

Since October 1990, the Department of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai, India, has been in service. During this time, they have treated over 8000 couples from all over India as well as 50 other countries, resulting in the birth of over 12000 babies. 

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Micromanipulation (ICSI), Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH), Semen and Embryo Cryopreservation, and a fully functioning Andrology Laboratory for diagnostic and therapeutic tests are all accessible.



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