You have probably heard of a yacht—a sleek, beautiful, and modern ship that can make for an amazing trip or adventure. There’s nothing that is like enjoying the open water while aboard a luxury yacht. Traveling over the waves on a sunny day is the best way to rest and recover.

But while you may recognize a yacht, you might not have learned about a superyacht. Is it just another word for yacht, or does it come with more benefits? And even above that, what is a mega yacht?

Understanding these yacht terms will help you make a smarter decision when purchasing a luxury vessel.

What Is a Super Yachts?

Some key characteristics that change a yacht from a superyacht would be size and space. Superyachts usually are 79 feet or longer than the standard yacht. Although, this is relative as you can ask five people to tell you the size range of a superyacht and get five completely different answers.

The definition of a superyacht is very relative but usually refers to a larger-than-average yacht with far more amenities. This includes but is not limited to multiple pools, expensive gyms, helipads, and movie theaters. Also included with a superyacht is usually a professional crew.

What Is a Mega Yachts?

The definition of mega yachts can get a little complicated. The terms superyacht, mega yacht, and giga yacht are often used by yacht experts and boat builders to label these amazing boats.

What many people do not understand is that these classifications have no universal technical definition. But in length terms, the term mega yacht usually applies to those over 200 feet long.

It Comes Down to Size Between Super Yachts & Mega Yachts:

Because there aren’t rules in these yacht definitions, it can be challenging to tell the difference between the features a superyacht includes versus a mega yacht. What one brokerage considers a superyacht is a mega yacht to another.

One thing is clear: A mega yacht is larger than the typical superyacht, approximately 100 feet longer by most definitions, creating more room for amenities.

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The yacht industry is full of difficult to understand terms that can make the yacht-buying experience difficult. Luckily, choosing the right yacht brokerage can solve that issue.

At Northrop & Johnson, we’re industry experts, leaders, and authorities in the yachting industry. Our commitment to extraordinary experiences means your journey to find your superyacht can be smooth sailing. Contact us to learn more about the process today.



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