Every business has its set of unique needs, and there are tech stacks that the organization uses to cater to these needs. However, the problem is that there are several thousands of available tech tools. So, picking one that best fits the needs of your company can be a bit overwhelming. As for tracking payroll, you can always use a check stub maker to make life easier. Here, we have come up with a list of some of the best tech tools that help you with productivity. Let us take a look at them one by one.


A lot of you might already be familiar with Trello. It is one of the most incredible user-friendly tools for project management. Though there are several project management options available, there is none better than Trello, says Jason, who offers do my finance homework services.

The best thing about Trello is that it is very visual. It is intuitive and easy to follow. The tool will simplify your tasks. Furthermore, if you have a bunch of tasks to handle at once, in that case, the Trello app comes handy. If it were not for Trello, you would lose track of things.

It is a free to use tool. So, you can sign up immediately and start managing your tasks. It is a time-saver tool.


One of the most daunting tasks for every business entrepreneur is preparing expense reports. Things get more challenging in the tax season. So, if you are suffering from a similar issue, you can try out the Expensify application. It is a lifesaver tool for all busy entrepreneurs. The tool can exceptionally help small and medium-sized businesses who are unable to pay for a tax accountant. With the tool, tracking the income and expenses is very easy. You can begin with the free version of Expensify and get the paid version only if it seems beneficial to you.


Dropbox is one of the best and most popular tools used by digital professional and entrepreneurs, Dropbox is a file synchronization and cloud storage tool. You can use it to stack all your vital data and access it remotely on any of your synced devices. With Dropbox sharing files and working collaboratively with your team members is easier than ever before. The tool makes managing files safe and convenient. You can use Dropbox to save all your business documents and files without investing in any costly storage device, which might either get corrupt or be lost or stolen. If you are using Dropbox’s free account, it will provide you with a storage space of 2GB.


Sniply is intuitive and easy to use. It is an incredibly useful tool and can save you a lot of time and effort. So, whenever you post third-party content on emails or social media accounts, you can add a CTA on the link, which can redirect the visitors to your website. It is an excellent tool for businesses and can help you increase your website’s traffic and fetch you new leads. For businesses that do not want to share a lot of self-promotion in the posts, sharing third-party content can be a good option.


One application that can dramatically streamline the entire note-taking process is Evernote. Be it an entrepreneur with a small team or a startup, there are so many tasks, which are to be handled continuously, and every task comes with a set of information. This increases the importance of note-taking. The ability to take better notes can improve your productivity. With Evernote, it is easier to prioritize and capture projects, ideas, and to-do lists to not omit anything vital.

Evernote will sync across all of your devices. So, you can access all your to-do-lists and notes anytime and anywhere. The app will store all the crucial information on your behalf, and retrieving that information will be effortless. You can use Evernote to save your business or personal information, and seamlessly juggle between your different commitments, and manage your work-life balance easily. There are both free and paid versions of the tool, but the latter has more features and assures better flexibility.


You may not know, but the ROI, that is, the return on investment, is the highest in email marketing. Moreover, it is an excellent way to connect with your prospective customers and partners instantly. All thanks to MailChimp, you can now promote your business online via aesthetically pleasant emails. All you have to is draft an email wherein you tweak all the vital details.

MailChimp also offers a marketing management and analysis system to cater to your entrepreneurial adventures by providing you the requisite reports of marketing statistics and analytics, which can help you boost your email marketing.


OnTheClock is an excellent tool for time tracking. It is massively recommended for all small businesses. It is excellent software, which comes with some useful features. Some of the features you get are multiple location punch-in, payroll integration, GPS tracking, project and payroll reporting, paid time-off tracking, and so much more. Together, all of this will help cater to all your requisite business needs.

This software is backed by mobile phones, and it comes with a handy mobile time application for the clock. It is a simple and straightforward software, which is trusted by over 8000 companies globally. It is possibly the only software available today, which combines so many features in a single product. In short, it is a fantastic deal for every entrepreneur.



As a social media marketing manager, Buffer is one of the best tools for businesses, says Jasmine, who works with TFTH. People who work on social media can use this application every day. With this tool, you can manage different social media accounts, get insights into your posts’ performance, and schedule your posts. Scheduling your posts in advance can save you a lot of time. There is a free version of the app available, but then it has its set of limitations. So, if you like the free version, you can consider upgrading to the premium version to get more features. Do check out Buffer’s blog content, which is a phenomenal resource and can help you learn more about your applied social media strategy.



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