Fashion is very magical, if you know how to dress and combine, with just a chan vay, a T-shirt and a handbag you can both go to a party, be active at school and go out. equally gentle for romantic dates.

Therefore, as a girl, you must know to choose suitable clothes for your body, beautify yourself, highlight the advantages and limit the disadvantages of your body. Let Danangsale help you with this article ‘How to choose the right skirt for each body shape’:

Determine What Shape Your Body Is

Typically, the most common human body shape is four types: pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass-shaped, rectangular-shaped, small and tall.


 Pear-fruit shape: This is a fairly common figure of most Vietnamese women. The feature of this figure is that the upper body is small, while the lower body is large, the shoulders are narrow, the chest is small, the hips are open, the thighs and buttocks are large and fat.

 Apple-Shape: This figure feature is that the waist is wider than the hips. If you have an apple-shaped body, your body is usually ‘massive upper body’, that is, a large upper body, broad shoulders, and a full chest – waist – upper back. Women with apple-shaped bodies have small arms – legs – hips and excess weight is usually concentrated in the bust.

 Hourglass shape: The hourglass figure is also the hottest ‘hot’, with an even weight, round 1 and round 3 are blooming while round 2 is smaller. This is the ideal body of a woman.

 Rectangular shape: People who possess this body shape usually have a waist that is relatively equal to the hips and chest. Approximately 46% of women have rectangular bodies. These people reward a waist that is relatively equal to the hips and chest. If you have a rectangular shape, you won’t have obvious curves like a pear or an apple without exercising.

How to Choose Skirt Legs for Each Shape

 Pear shape: For the girls who have enlarged hips and thighs with a small upper body, the flowing pleated skirt will help you. The A-shaped shape hugging the waist snugly accentuates the small feminine waistline, at the same time, the spread of the cup will help conceal the hips and thighs, creating a balanced overall for women.

 Apple Appearance: Skater skirt is a short skirt, quite ‘easy’ spread shape when it can suit any woman’s figure. In particular, for girls who are slim in the legs but the body weight tends to concentrate on the upper body, the skater skirt is an ideal choice. The high waistline will cover the middle of the body, the flared skirt helps balance the ratio between the hips and the chest, and the short skirt will cleverly show off the best point on your body that is slim legs.

 Hourglass shape: If you are lucky enough to have a fairly standard curve with a small waist, bust and hips, you have a lot to choose from. A neat, well-fitting pencil skirt will help highlight slim curves without feeling heavy on your lower body. Dusty demin material will help increase the modernity and youthfulness, giving women many style options.

 Rectangular shape: Wrap skirt with two overlapping flaps brings a unique and feminine look, at the same time creating accents that make the second round become slim. This is a suitable dress for girls who have a less curvy body, because they help you shape your waist. In addition, the asymmetrical flap will also add a fuller feel to your hips.

 Small body: If you want a little more fullness, you can look for the short A-skirt designs on the pillow. These dress patterns will help to reveal slim legs and highlight the slender figure of women. You can enjoy variations of different materials such as denim, suede or even seersucker with A-shaped skirts for a variety of styles.


Tall body: Females possessing the ideal height will be suitable for almost any type of outfit. But if you want to appear with legs as long as top supermodels, consider midi skirts that lightly hug the body to create a subtle pencil shape. The textured design around the hips reveals the feminine curves, combined with the long skirt edge to the calf will bring a remarkable ‘leg pull’ effect.



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