Life is beautiful because we have relationships and their special days to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, festivals all make life much more enjoyable. Don’t you think so? The party, the gathering of all the dear and near ones, the shared joys and talks; these are the things we live for.

Fun and frolic of celebrating events with dear ones is one thing, the stress to grace your relatives with gifts on these happy times is another thing. For some it’s a debilitating task because we always wish to give something thoughtful and heart-pleasing to our relatives. Therefore, we have come up with six gift ideas that are suitable for all occasions of yours and your closed ones.


Flowers are nature’s finest creation– beautiful to look and pleasing to smell. Blooming in different shapes, sizes, and colours; flowers are symbolic of myriad human feelings. Roses in red and pink are for love and affection. Whereas yellow and white Roses are for friendship and peace, respectively. Then, Daisies are for loyalty. Purple Orchids for royalty. Similarly, every flower has a meaning to convey, if chosen carefully.

On Birthdays and Anniversaries, flowers are the first choice. But on other occasions as well like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Baby Shower; flowers can be given. Preserved Roses are also a thing of beauty and splendor. These are preserved to last for a couple of years and come in varying hues. Then, golden and silver plated Roses are a token of eternity.


A cake is the sweetest gift to tantalize the taste buds of your dear and near ones. Not only birthdays and anniversary parties are incomplete without a cake, but all the other happy times are best celebrated with a cake. Sweetness tends to double up when shared with people who matter the most to you. Therefore, cake is the best gift. With baking revolutions, there are different types of cakes that can be gifted suiting the event.

If you wish to give sweet goosebumps to the little munchkin on his/her birthday, you can go with theme-cakes like barbie, cartoon, etc. For celebrating victories, cupcakes are the best options. Want to put a smile on the face of your mother when she is feeling low, beat the blues with blueberry jar cake. As per your preference and liking, you can order these cakes online and avail cake delivery in Mumbai or wherever you live.


Plants are the evergreen gifts that continue to give happiness to the recipient and the people surrounding them. Apart from their nutritive value, plants are also good for improving the Feng Shui of the home and office, to cleanse the air, and to promote positivity wherever they are placed.

If the recipient is a green thumb you can convey your good wishes over any plant. But if he or she is a black thumb, extend wishes over forgiving plants like succulents. Many plants teach us valuable lessons for life, like cactus teaches us bloom wherever you are planted. Hence plants are perfect for every day.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts have taken the gifting industry by the storm. Any gift can be turned into a sentimental gift by designing it with pictures and name of the recipient. For this matter, personalised gifts are suitable for people of all gender, age as well as occasions. Mugs, cushions, lamps, jewellery, apparels, home decor; anything and everything can be personalised.

Combo Gifts

When confused between what to gift and what not to, gift combos. Combos or hampers are curated with two or more tokens and are believed to bring much happiness to the recipient. You can couple gifts of two same types like food and dessert or make it a mix and match kind of hamper for the receiver. Take a basket, add everything like goodies, makeup, greeting card, perfume, and you are good to go.


Another universal and versatile that is always appreciated because of the sweetness. Whether a child or an adult, chocolates are everyone’s favourite. You can give a single bar or a whole box of chocolate to please someone sweetly. Exotic and personalised varieties are also easily available for gifting online.

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