If your goal is to make your orchestral arrangements made with MIDI stand out, then you may not want them to sound better and real. Next, I will teach you how to make it better than real recording.

There are still many differences between the orchestral sound library in MIDI and the effects of real instruments. I mean, they are more like partial features of real musical instruments. Such a category is the difference between the same living beauty and a beauty photo.

Assume that your goal is to make your orchestral arrangements made with MIDI better. Unless you want to try to restore the classical style, in my opinion, your focus should be on doing everything possible to make the sound better, even if sometimes the listening experience may be slightly different from the real instrument. If you want to know more about make orchestral arrangements,

You can search “how to make orchestral arrangements” on youtube, and use flvto youtube to mp3 to download it. Below are 5 tips:

Don’t Copy/Paste

Especially don’t use copy and paste when stacking instruments. “Don’t use copy and paste” has become a work creed for me, and I have always done it. However, if you are very short on time and have to use copy and paste to make, please try to use a more user-friendly way in your workstation. Otherwise, your finished arrangement will sound like a giant accordion playing.

Establishment of Reasonable Use of Musical Instruments

Using different band arrangements to deceive the ear’s sense of hearing, such as using 2 French horns to interpret quiet music passages, and 6 French horns to interpret majestic music passages. To be honest, I have not tried this approach. For example, in East West’s Hollywood Brass sound, there are 6 French horns, 2 French horns, and a French horn Solo to choose from. There are 6 solo and solo in my template, but there are no two. I think I will reconsider this matter next.

Unchanging Tone

A constant pitch is usually accompanied by an increase or decrease in the volume. Only in very rare special situations, such as a light or weak chord in a brass tube set must be maintained at a fixed pitch and fixed Volume up.

This is very important for music. When the loudness is constant, the music loses its life. Woody Allen once had a mockery in the film “Annie Hall”: People’s relationships should always change like shrimps, and our relationship is like a dead shrimp. So, don’t let your music be like a dead shrimp.

Changes in Rhythm

An important turning point in my creative career was that I started to pay attention to the need to change the rhythm. In a suitable piece of music, if you try to increase or slow down a little bit at the end of the phrase, the whole piece will show differently.

I found that adding some thought factors in the process of automating the rhythm will make the whole music sound slightly different. If your workstation supports it, you can also try it.

Align the Sound Head

This is also what I like very much, “Align the sound head, if you are not sure, you can do a premix first. Everyone has different opinions on the meaning of ‘attack’.”



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