If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, then you’re most likely going to need to be at the correct times – though often, it’s almost down to luck. However, suppose you’ve got better insights and better predictions and precision. In that case, you’ll be able to end up on top of the whole cryptocurrency investing.

With a quick search online, you can already see some of the common mistakes you can make while investing in cryptocurrency. However, if you want to learn even more and how you can avoid making those mistakes, then there’s no better place than this current article you’re reading. Skim read all you want, but you’re going to want to take note of these things, maybe even if you want to be ahead of the trend.

Poor Technological Understanding

The base of the whole cryptocurrency trend was built upon the fact that it was online. However, suppose you’re lagging behind the technological advancements that are going on in today’s society. In that case, you’re going to struggle when it’s time for you to start investing in cryptocurrency finally.

Brush up on your tech knowledge so that you can see the best opportunities. Knowing the best when it comes to technology also gives you the chance to judge projects on your own, which opens up more chances for you – more hands-on, less missing out for you!

Thinking That Cryptocurrencies are “Shares”

Don’t be mistaken in thinking the cryptocurrencies express similarities to shares in stocks. In no way, shape, or form are you receiving dividends or any “ownership” to a company. So, for example, when a company issues a cryptocurrency, they’ll have a chance to gain something or even get acquired, yet you’ll still get no benefit. In other words, a business can very well prosper but still lose or be very low on coins.


Many investors(especially the newer, younger ones) will want to reach a certain quota when making trades. Unfortunately, doing this is probably one of the biggest mistakes you’ll make. Generally, they’ll end up making losses because of a couple of bad trades that they made – possibly even losing more because of trading more to compensate for that one bad trade.

In reality, an excellent opportunity for trading wouldn’t even come that often through a day, so always remember to keep your day trading number low. Not to mention how trading too much will probably dull out your decision-making skills which you always want to keep sharp, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. Lastly, too much trading might even lead to more tax liabilities.

Chasing Cheap Coins To Fuel A Pipe Dream

You might be too hopeful and too naive in thinking that you can buy all of the luxurious items once you get your coins, but it’s better to cut off that thinking right now. In addition to that, do not ever chase cheap coins because it’s often a strategy to trap fresh investors because they think the low-priced cryptocurrencies will bring back significant returns.

Many other factors would affect the value of a coin. Still, we think that the two most significant factors would be the circulating supply and the actual real-world value of the coin.

Inadequate Research Skills

We know that this process is probably going to be the most time-consuming. It always is. However, it’s a tried and true method that gives people a cutting edge in their field since more knowledge would mean you have more power. The more one would research, the better they would become at it – you become more intelligent the more you do it too!

You could always research each coin and altcoin’s announcements and websites, or maybe check out the economics of each coin. Like each coin’s market cap, each coin’s trading volume has the price history of each coin, or maybe the total versus circulating supply. The more you research other people’s opinions, the more you can cross-reference, and it might help you come to your conclusion!


Adding a task to your research, stay updated on what bitcoin is up to. Most of the altcoins will follow their trend. Analysing this change will give you a step ahead of the other investors. Remember to always keep a calm head and quick thinking skills as an investor to not fall for traps and make very common mistakes. Platforms such as Bitcoin Compass can help you start an investment right away if you’re ready.



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