Do you like to play browser grinders, killing a lot of time? Do not rush to say that this is stupid – it is not at all true. The gaming industry is expanding in absolutely all its directions, and the browser is no exception. Today such games have stable audiences of one hundred thousand, and the number of launches hovers around the millionth level. Hence the conclusion suggests itself: the creation of “browsers” is an extremely profitable business, and it is not surprising that the bulk of indie developers are implementing their ideas in this direction.

As elsewhere, indie may not live up to accepted standards. Independent developers offer their options in browser games. And the gaming community easily accepts new and interesting things. 3d character model Is rather important for them. An example is the banal fashion for genres. If two or three years ago people liked to hang out in grinders like “Farm Frenzy”. Now these same people prefer popular clickers. This friendliness of innovation creates tremendous motivation to create something new.


But the new may not reach the end consumer – the player. And it’s all about advertising. Agree, playing on social networks, you very often see colorful ads for some super innovative strategy or shooter with ultra-live graphics. Usually such games gain an audience of many thousands. And good indies don’t even get to the top, drowning under tons of advertising for their competitor.

On the one hand, this is bad. An independent developer with a finished product simply won’t be noticed without a good advertising campaign. This requires a lot of time, effort and, of course, money. On the other hand, it is convenient. Advertising contributes to an increase in the gaming community and, accordingly, the growth of constant online. So today, popular 3D shooters in social media. networks have from 5 to 10 thousand first launches per day. And weekly online quietly keeps at the mark of several million players.

The promotion of a game in the tops is publicly influenced by the base on which this game is built. Today, as shown by a huge number of published statistics, the browser gaming community prefers 3D graphics. This forces the creators to work with a three-dimensional picture, suffering endless fixes of a huge number of flaws.

Then convenient browser engines come to the rescue – for example, Unity3D. Such engines do not develop step by step, but in huge leaps, which is attractive not only among developers, but also among ordinary ordinary players.


But some browser engines simply cannot work without downloadable plugins – this greatly affects the dynamics of launches and online. The hateful message “Install this plugin to play” weeds out a good number of sloths. This deprivation is not a dozen or even hundreds, but as many as thousands of units of constant online. But there are a couple of ways you can keep a lot of lazy people alive with. For example, creating an ad start page that will persuade the player to download the plugin needed for the game. Something like a simplified landing page, where tedious registration is replaced by a large “Download” button.


Each creator must have a plan for the development and release of their browser brainchild. The main task is the “polishing of all faces” highlighted in red italics. This polishing can be carried out in private, until the release of the game – development without testing stages. Experience shows that this choice is not the best, because the end result can have a lot of bugs. Professionals of  know how to deal with the problem.

Thus, it is most desirable for an indie creator to work with the results of a number of tests, and to release the game in stages. For example, first release the skeleton of the game: one location, a couple of bots, one trio of weapons – that’s all. Then gradually refine it, based on feedback from testers and adding a little bit of everything. This kind of development will lead to a smooth release.

To Sum Up

The conclusion is simple: a browser is a convenient and profitable platform for implementing your idea. It is also promising: the development of web graphics is only at the beginning stage. In the future browsers will freely compete with downloaded games. And multiplatformity will provide freedom to adapt to other popular platforms. This combination will provide a tremendous opportunity for the independent enthusiast. This will lead to the expansion and creation of entire game genres.



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